Topless Bikinis for Battered Women

Posted: Jun 24, 2007 12:00 AM
Topless Bikinis for Battered Women

Is Hollywood's idea of how to help battered women meant to actually degrade them? Is the liberal mindset so entrenched in the worldview of those who run in such circles so utterly depraved that they can no longer distinguish the difference between respect and abuse? Are the pied pipers actually leading today's woman into the abyss of moral anarchy - thus subjecting her to even worse degradation than what they profess to protest?

You will have to ask the Denises.

Denise Brown is the sister of Nicole Brown Simpson who was murdered at the hands of an enraged jealous former husband. Denise Brown founded the Nicole Brown Foundation and has committed herself to ending domestic abuse. The website for her organization proudly states that she has taken her message to university campuses, legislative forums, male prisons, and even churches.

No doubt living in the aftermath of seeing your sister's blood spilled and smeared across her bedroom, to know personally the rage of the man who sliced her in such a fashion, and just realizing one's own mortal state would be enough to motivate many people into such a worthy, unending, and lifelong pursuit. Certainly people of every political, ethnic, and spiritual stripe can agree that violent, murderous abuse is an abhorrent evil.

Denise Richards is the former wife of Charlie Sheen. A former model and moderately successful B-list actress, she is as famous for her girl on girl kisses, and exposed flesh as she is for any amount of true acting ability. It is understandable though that she might be sympathetic to the cause of stopping violence against women. Rumors have swirled for years as to the veracity of Sheen's temper. His documented struggles with substances, philandering, and general stability might also have contributed to why Richards herself no longer felt safe living in the same home with him.

Two prominent women teaming up to stop violence is commendable. It is their methodology that merits some questioning.

Next month the two will be hosting the "Luau at the Mansion." For the mere cost of $1000 anyone could sign up and attend the "star studded, red carpet, gourmet" event of the season. For twice that you can access VIP admission. And if you bring four VIP friends you can get your own Cabana.

Sounds pretty enticing doesn't it?

For $10,000 you can receive airfare, custom car service, private massages, not to mention all the gift bags that will contain, DVD's, jewelry, lingerie and special "extras."

The event is being held at the infamous Playboy mansion. And for every person paying for admission the promises of pictures with playmates, bunnies, and guided tours of the mansion are also promised. For the higher paying guests they also promise a "personal attendant" for you and each of your party. And for the VIP's free access to the Grottos. These are essentially underground spas and pools teaming with topless "playmates, bunnies, and personal attendants."

The dress code encouraged is bikinis for girls and board shorts for guys.

So the number one iconic destination linked to the degradation of women, the proliferation of pornography and all that brings with it is the best the Denises could do to set the stage as to how to stop violence against women.

I'm sure it would do no good to explain pornography's links to the systematic abuse against women over the last fifty years. Someone would be there to defend the artistic rights of women to portray themselves publicly au naturel. I'm equally sure it would not convince either of the Denises that the most infamous of all serial killers have admitted not just use of pornography, but addiction to it.

Never mind the fact that the major goal of the Nicole Brown Foundation is to advocate for sincere equality between men and women, they seem totally content to partner themselves with those who view the value of a woman something that can be reduced to the size of her breasts, and her willingness to put them on display.

There was a day in our society when the feminists groups would have fought the very existence of such filth. They now operate it. Christie Hefner, the daughter of the founder of Playboy, sits on the board of several feminist organizations and is recognized for her contribution to feminist causes.

It might do a little bit of good to pull Denise Brown aside and ask her two questions:

1. Is this the type of event Nicole Brown Simpson would've attended of her own accord?

2. Is this the type of event Nicole Brown Simpson would've wanted attached to her memory, particularly in the memories of her children?

Perhaps it would do some good… maybe, possibly...but not likely.

Modern feminists don't really care about the real issues involved.

They refuse to recognize that genuine value comes from the worth that God has stamped upon them. Because He created them - they are of immense worth. Thus violence, rape, and/or murder against an innocent man or woman is genuine moral evil.

But who cares about any of that stupid God stuff when you can get as plastered as you want, have sex with whoever and however you like, and do it all standing topless in the disease ridden grotto of "the mansion."

It's all for the cause of battered women you know...