Why Feminists Fear Men

Posted: Apr 15, 2007 12:00 AM
Why Feminists Fear Men

For years the modern feminists have attempted to completely obliterate the need for men in society. They have argued in favor of, marched for, and protested on behalf of the ideas that women can provide everything that a woman needs.

Go into any women's studies program on the campus of any major university and you will learn that women don't need men for economic provision, physical protection, or to even achieve sexual orgasm. Our daughters are being taught that to believe men are necessary for anything is not only pure bunk, but actually a sign of intellectual weakness.

As a result women have shunned personal relationships and sky-rocketed to the top of the business world. Their incomes have increased as they have put off having children, not to mention the thought of getting married till far later in life.

They've gotten themselves into the gym and lifted weights and learned kick-boxing so that at least theoretically they could ward off an attacker. (Of course they haven't been encouraged to pack fire-arms or conceal handguns because for some reason its more "progressive" for a woman to take male hormones and resemble eastern European male wrestlers than it is for the most lady-like among us to blow someone away if their life depended on it.)

Women have been inundated with auto-eroticism methodologies and lesbian love making techniques not only in these women's studies courses but also through popular culture, women's magazines, and cable television. They are also told by that same culture, be it prime time media or TIME magazine, that men at best "are clumsy" in this area, and at worst "just plain don't know what they're doing."

In making all these “advances” there has still been one major stumbling block for the argument of a completely female universe. That has been the production of sperm, male DNA, the missing element to creating a child when paired with a woman's egg. Without this necessary ingredient the entirety of the female-only existence is impossible, women's studies departments are useless, and feminism is nothing more than mindless brainwashing.

This week in what should have been reported as a miraculous breakthrough for traditional families and barren couples, feminists and the generation of media they have spawned hijacked the news of a new scientific development in the creation of sperm cells from a donor's bone marrow stem cells. On a side note chalk it up as one more victory for adult stem cells in terms of actual medical breakthroughs - whereas embryonic cells have still resulted in no known cures.

The way the process works is that adult stem cells can be "coached" into become sperm cells that can be implanted into the egg, fertilized, and hypothetically be brought to term as a human child. The process is in its early stages and even the medical researchers involved in the project are only cautiously optimistic about the practicality of such a discovery.

But that didn't stop the media for immediately lunging for the headlines that embraced first and foremost the idea of a "women's only" future. In fact the stories were also quick to point out that in taking the necessary cells from women's bone marrow that the Y chromosome would be missing therefore such conceptions would only be able to produce - guess what - daughters only.

But the question that came to mind was - "why?"

What is it that so scares feminists about the existence of men that all they can do is long for the day when they no longer exist or serve any useful purpose?

Surely the feminists know that for every talk-radio host who refers to women as "nappy-headed hos" that there are more than a dozen, who are sincerely, fall down head over heels in love with their wives. Surely the feminists can see that while there are some public figures like Barack Obama who are forced to nuance why they appear with hip-hop icons like Ludicrous who prefer to think of women as "hos" and "bitches", that there are others like Dr. James Dobson who have advocated for the deep respect women deserve from the culture and society.

It has to be obvious to the angry feminists today that in fact the happiest women in America are those who have a caring, life giving, spiritual, emotional, and physical relationship with a man they are married to.

Though the feminists will never admit it, real women know the score. When we talked about the possibility of the "all female conception" on my radio show this week - not one phone call came in support of such a perverse outlook.

The feminist jig is up. Women like men - real men that is. Women love a man who will provide economic security for them. They want a man who will be their rock and shield in a time of crisis or attack. And women prefer the joy of being sexually complete in the intimate bodily embrace and the emotional, spiritual, and physical connection to a man as God designed it.

The ideas of artificial sperm and an all female universe actually horrify normal women - and despite what the media may say - that's never going to change.