Why gays hate marriage

Posted: Oct 29, 2006 12:00 AM
Why gays hate marriage

Despite of all that their angry-mob front groups argue for in front of television cameras to the contrary, radical homosexual activists despise the institution and more importantly the sanctity of marriage. That is also the fundamental reason why they are seeking to destroy the institution.

This week - dateline Trenton New Jersey... where a unified panel of seven judges agreed that illegitimate sexual unions should be made equitable under law to that of monogamous married persons. Without the consent of the governed these tyrants in black robes sat in judgment of healthy families across the universe and demanded that New Jersey residents accept immoral construction of sexual unions as the equal basis for families and family life in their recreated sexual, liberal, utopia.

With utter contempt for God, and for the voters of their state the New Jersey seven unanimously said that all who live in the confines of its borders must fundamentally agree to the moral premise, that what the Bible terms perversion, the voters should call healthy.

But why? What's the real goal of the activists, the judges, and the radicals who seek to subvert a moral world view?

The answer is simple, no longer satisfied with practicing the unspeakable perverse sexual pleasures that their hearts seek in private bedrooms, they wish to be able to do so in public. They are also suffering from such immense guilt over the actions of their sexual behaviors because they know inherently that the actions they perform are in fact unhealthy - that they will go to any means necessary to try and shut down the voices in their heads that tell them it is wrong.

They wrongfully believe that the guilty voice within them is an echo of a prudish state that seeks to limit their freedoms. They wrongfully believe that the judgment they feel is emanating from "bible thumpers." And what they fail to ever admit is that the voice that condemns them the loudest, is never a human voice - but in fact the voice of their own conscience informed by the truth of the God who created them.

There are attributes of marriage that same-sex couples will never achieve. But in the minds of radical activists - getting the label and a piece of paper saying so will be close enough.

For instance a woman who engages in lesbianism will never know the joy of love-making that creates within her the product of that union - an actual human life. She will never know the security of a true man protecting her from the dragons of the world and providing for her an environment where she can nurture and give love and life to that little life once it arrives, or the stamp of approval that God puts on such an experience. And because she and her partner know this, they must defy reason, biology, and sexual function to create children and experiences that serve as faulty substitutes for that God ordained picture.

Likewise a man who seeks his perverse kicks by depositing the seed of life in, shall we say, non-life giving cavities - may know orgasm, but never complete union using anatomy in ways the Creator did not create it for.

Married couples that love each other, and practice monogamous, committed, life affirming affection - even through tribulation, know a very different experience. A man can learn more about his role as a man, because of the way his wife responds to him. Likewise a woman who has a man who truly loves her for who she is, provides for her needs, and encourages her constantly - will never even think of finding solutions to those needs elsewhere.

The truth is radical homosexual activists know that these experiences are not theirs for the having. No matter how much they attempt to shut down voices that choose not to support their perverse bedroom habits, even if the entire world agreed with them to their face, they would no be able to escape the voice of their own conscience.

Radical homosexual activists hate biblical marriage, because in order to achieve its benefits and blessings they must first conform to God's plan for the sexual actions, and the sinful nature in man is not willing to make such submission and conformity happen. The existence of joyful biblical marriage being practiced, by "thumpers" in "Jesusland" infuriates them and thus the only action they can attempt is to destroy the institution that allows such fundamental societal success to happen.

This sad deception is indicative of the greater truth that mankind is sinful, and prefers our own pursuits of carnal pleasure than accepting the reality that there is a God and that we are subject to Him.

But that's ok, because soon there will be a day in Massachusetts, and New Jersey where the voters will finally be given back the rights they've had from the beginning to keep the important, vital, and joyful union of marriage what it is - a God authorized, designed, and established relationship.

So don't believe the angry spokespeople... radical homosexual activists hate marriage, because fundamentally they hate God, and the guilt of both drives them to extremes.