Clarity Defficient Liberals and 9/11

Posted: Oct 01, 2006 12:00 AM
Clarity Defficient Liberals and 9/11

Evidently Vanderbilt University's idea of a fair and balanced remembrance of September 11 is to invite nine liberal socialists to bash America for two hours and send everybody home holding their head in shame at being in fact - Americans.

That's how VU marked the fifth commemoration of September 11, 2006. Seducing students to a meeting titled, "After 9/11: A Time for Reflection."

Evidently the idea of even allowing one mildly right-of-center thinker was too intimidating for the slanted, biased, anti-American carnival barkers that lined up for two hours and told the gathered students why 9/11 was America's fault. Everything from global warming to the treatment of Native Americans was thrown into the mix. Slavery and racism were especially big reasons as stated by one of the weak leftist thinkers.

Yes, Middle Eastern jihadists attacked America because of slavery and race issues. I guess we are to understand that they recognize the race issue in America so well is in large part because the fact that they have been systematically hoping, planning, and attempting the annihilation of the Jewish bloodline since the days of Isaac and Ishmael.

What the nine liberals on the panel truly demonstrated was some of the most twisted logic that philosophy, psychology, divinity, history, and anthropology professors have ever spoken.

Some examples lifted out of the full video presentation viewable here:

"Many fear that 9/11, which was promised to be a turning point, has degenerated into a dark period of American history. The tragedy there has brought unnecessary death and destruction to tens of thousands of people... Should we be engaged in a war on terror?" David Wood, Professor of Philosophy

“It’s also very difficult to talk about causes when you are not sure what actually happened. Have we been told the truth? Have the questions been answered? Do we have all the information that we need? I don’t think we do!” Beth Conklin, Professor of Anthropology

"I think it is very salutary to realize that is also the ideology for example that animated us in WWII. We were under attack. We were in great peril. And we were going to fight back in self defense, and we were willing to sacrifice innocents, large numbers, as long as we felt it was in self defense of the greater cause. What that does then is it establishes a common moral ground, a disturbing one, between the extremist who attacked us, because we have also engaged in that kind of logic. We just haven’t been willing to do it with the kind of threshold we call extremist in this case." Michael Bess, Professor of History

"The attack on Islam has been misplaced. The most violent religion in the world for the past 500 years at least has been Christianity. We, the baptized people in the name of Jesus, have done more violence—systemic, and personal, and social and warlike—than any other religious group."

"But simply because our President and others pretend that not facing up to global warming is an option, doesn’t eradicate the fact that the 900 plus studies around the world have the scientific community in sizable consensus that there is a reality that can be called global warming."

"I came to the conclusion that the United States was the number one enemy of justice and peace in the world. I contend that USA character; psychic, social character has been badly deranged. We have been deformed and misinformed because, for too long in our history, we denied some of the realities that we ourselves have perpetrated." James Lawson, Professor of Divinity

This event was sponsored and encouraged by the highest administration officials within Vanderbilt University; the Chancellor even sent a prepared statement that is read very close to the top of the proceedings. And all of it happened without even the opportunity for the students to hear an opposing view to their collective nuttiness.

Christopher Donnelly a lone student at Vanderbilt took the risk to make the video of the gathering public - he should be recognized for his courage. Young America's Foundation worked hand in hand with Donnelly to break the tapes to the media. But now comes the time for collective action.

The professors listed above each need to hear from what real Americans have to say about their ability to seduce under the guise of 9/11 remembrance their twisted, contorted logic. Everyday people like you should have the right to demand that the university give equal time to nine panelists who don't all sing to the liberal - hate America - choir.

And along those lines I have a standing invitation. On October 20 or November 3 - which ever works best for the panelists involved - I invite each of the nine panelists to return to that same room, and face me one on one. Sure, its not equal odds. In that the panelists should take a certain degree of security that they won't be too embarrassed by the event. We will invite the media at large, and my radio audience specifically to also be in attendance. And we will re-engage on the issue of After 9/11 - A Time of Reflection.

The professors involved will each receive a personal invitation from me, The MuscleHead Revolution radio show, and the students of Vanderbilt University, the ground rules will be fair and the timing will be commensurate to the original event.

If Vanderbilt is a university that cares even the least bit about intellectual integrity in its educational process then surely a rematch 1 on 9 is something that would be in the interest for the long term welfare of its worthy reputation.

And so the clock is ticking...