Why we fight

Posted: Aug 20, 2006 12:00 AM

Commonsense thinking, or its lack thereof, will be the determining factor as to whether or not American society survives.

Please understand without clarity there is no common sense and without moral absolutes there is no clarity. For immoral liberals, it is a vicious cycle.

Yet is it too strong a statement to say that the survival of American society depends upon the common sense that moral absolutes give us?

In a word - no!

For America, we are at present fighting two separate wars. One of them is taking place at and beyond our borders. It is composed of spying on terror funds, stopping (some would say 'failing to stop') terrorists from crossing our northern and southern borders. It involves attacking them preemptively where they live and are carrying out plans to attack us from caves and spider holes in places like Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, and in multiple places across the Middle East and Southeast Asia that we have never been told about. This war requires vigilance of each American at all times, in ever public place. It even requires us to take our shoes off, get wanded several times over, and sometimes even cause us to miss our flight. It has taken the lives of honorable men and women, who have felt the call of history, who for these years have protected our security, and yet served without complaint.

For people of common sense there is a second war that we are engaged in and like the first it was not a war that we started - but like unto the first it is one that we must fight, and more importantly one that we must win. It is a near daily assault on our sensibilities as people. It is an all out blitz-kreig on our families, faith, and value system. It is requiring that our 1st and 2nd graders identify their sexual organs and feelings to strangers who parade about as public educators. It mandates that we sacrifice our under-age daughters' wombs to the butchers of Planned Parenthood. It outlaws the ability of parents to teach their children the lessons of right from wrong as my parents did with me via a firm swat on my overly plump backside. And it is attempting to brainwash our youngest with the cursed idea - that men and women are not equal - but rather the same. It is an agenda that seeks to keep mankind from being treated equally regardless of the color of his skin - unless it can be manipulated to benefit a political party.

It is mandating that we ignore what our faith leads us to believe while being forced to accept an evil, deceitful agenda from the godless in elite places who ignore moral absolutes and force their view onto us from their lofty towers in Hollywood, the Judiciary, the halls of Congress, and the lecterns of Academia. We call these elitists - The Diabolical Dagger Society!

The reason we fight both of these wars, simultaneously at that, is because to not do so only begs our destruction. And in both cases it will be a commitment to Judeo-Christian, biblio-centric absolutes that will save society.

Yet today's world is awash in anything but moral absolutes and commonsense thinking. If a teen carries a bible to school and cracks it open in her classroom she is mocked by her fellow students - but scorned by her godless public educators. Yet if she is willing to join the "cuddle puddle" on the second floor of Stuyvesant High School in New York, and better yet post her film clips of her amorous activities with other girls on My Space - she is celebrated as an expressive individual who is in touch with her "true" self. Even if she is increasingly one of the young girls of our society who commits suicide because of the depression that desperate sexual cycle leaves her with; even then, nary a word will be said about the greater moral obligation that we have towards her.

The Diabolical Dagger Society has launched attacks, and I for one have had enough. Moral values, some would even dare call them biblical, and the common sense that they give us are in severe deficit, and the MuscleHead Revolution is being waged today, even at this moment, to crush the DDS once and for all.

In our counter-attacks we must commit ourselves to some simple principles - things like recognizing the origin of morality and common sense. When society says, "If it feels good - do it," sometimes we need to say - "no." We need to fight for the integrity of language and never surrender the simple yet profound meanings of words when it comes to debates on marriage, equality, children, and faith. We need to recognize that while the godless elites do not believe "all men are created equal" - God does - and it is up to us to insist they be treated so. Yet we also need to be very careful not to confuse equality between men and women - with its bastardized substitution - sameness. We need to fight for fairness in the tax system. We need to recognize and continue to prove that conservatives have far more ability to express compassion than liberals. We need to insist on making "sense" common again. And we must understand one other important thing...

Our opponents in this Revolution are not fighting us in a boxing ring with gloves on, a referee calling fouls, and a bell that rings every two minutes. This MuscleHead Revolution is not a polite contest of sport. It is a back alley brawl and the Diabolical Dagger Society is coming at us with broken bottles and switchblades in hand. Our boxing gloves are of no use - and could in fact get us killed. No - we must crush - or we will be crushed.

Why we fight the MuscleHead Revolution is simple because it is the process of overturning liberalism through the use of commonsense thinking. Muscling up our mind with these basic principles is the method we use to arm ourselves, but we need to arm our neighbors as well. So stand a post with us today. Get yourself - and your neighbor - a copy of my brand new book The MuscleHead Revolution. It's a fast read, its short, its memorable and its not written in politico-speak - its written so that you, your kids, your neighbor, your body of faith - can charge the lines of this war and overturn liberalism in your sphere of experience - one step at a time.

Because commonsense thinking will be the determining factor as to whether the American society survives, and I for one - will never be ready to surrender!

Kevin McCullough's first hardback title "The MuscleHead Revolution" is now available for pre-order. Kevin McCullough is heard daily in New York City, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware on WMCA 570/970 from 2-5pm. He blogs at www.muscleheadrevolution.com.