Why gays are losing on marriage

Posted: Jul 31, 2006 1:20 AM
Why gays are losing on marriage

With a clearly definitive win in the Washington Supreme Court this week, marriage advocates you're are on an impressive roll. From the beginning I argued that among the most recent cases to be decided, the case in the state of Washington was the most important.

With no residency requirement in the state, the radical homosexual activists pushing the fraud of a changed marriage definition would take a win in Washington and seek to challenge the federal Defense of Marriage Act. In doing so it would leave the national definition of marriage up to a single federal judge - and not the millions of Americans who should by right be the one to define such terms.

But don't be fooled, upcoming decisions in New Jersey and a handful of other states still leave more than enough room for judicial monkey business. The fact that Massachusetts' gay activists were smarmy enough to get their state referendum held hostage away from the voters of that state until after this election cycle is completed is proof plenty that the agenda has not died.

But why are radical homosexual activists losing the fight?

Simply put - it's a Godless proposition they are putting forth and the vast majority of Americans - even some liberals are not ready to bankroll a completely bankrupt values agenda.

How can I make it clearer?

Homosexual activists have been so ugly and nasty in their utter contempt for good church going people in America that the great con they have been able to pull for the last thirty years has now all but been exposed for the fraud that it is.

When a culture despises the moral foundations that make it great, such contempt will ultimately steal its greatness. Our culture is not yet ready to take that ultimate step just yet.

People all over the globe understand intuitively that two daddies will never be able to provide the needed guidance for a young girl that only a mommy and a daddy can bring. People understand easily - without argument - how a boy growing up with two mommies will never have the definition of what real manliness is by it being lived out in front of him. It just defies common sense to attempt to argue otherwise.

I also think that it’s pretty evident that people understand what makes homosexual behavior different than a darker shade of skin. For a few months radical activists have gotten away with trying to make the, "we are just like them" argument when it comes to comparing the needed civil rights reform this nation was all too slow to embrace, and the charade that homosexuals are trying to propagate in terms of their behavior today.

No gene, no cell, no DNA has ever been proven to cause one man to engage in all varieties of sexual acts with another man. Pure unbridled lust maybe, but not DNA. And for the record, pure unbridled lust - almost always turns out bad - no matter what gender of person you're engaging with sexually. Restrained sexuality is certainly what scriptural texts call for, but it is also what science has proven to be the healthiest for the individuals involved.

Presently the reason homosexual activists are losing on the battle to redefine marriage is simple - it’s just plain wrong.

I know, it’s not a popular position to take. Neither is telling the uncle who is always drunk how alcohol might kill him someday. But if you really loved your uncle - wouldn't you at least try? And you certainly let him get behind the wheel.

Calling for sexual restraint is not popular. Calling for sexual discipline in society that matches the scriptural model isn't either. (One man, one woman, in marriage for a lifetime.) But ultimately if you truly love those around you who are injuring themselves and others they love - it is your obligation to speak up.

My book which comes out August 1st (MuscleHead Revolution - Overturning Liberalism with Commonsense Thinking, Harvest House Publishers) will soon be available right here on TownHall.com, in it I will give you 10 principles to assist you in clarifying your thinking so that you can take positive action in not just winning the debate of the issue, but even win the hearts of those you engage with.

The time for shading the truth, is past. And doing so does nothing to help anyone.

Marriage is winning, and the activists are losing.

In doing so we commonsense types are helping the radicals by simply pointing out some really old fashioned ideas - like right and wrong.