WMDs: The real scandal

Posted: Jun 25, 2006 12:01 AM

By now much of the nation has finally heard the truth; George Bush never lied about weapons of mass destruction. By now most of America is realizing that the President who has been pummeled mercilessly on the fact that such weapons were missing, is deserving of public apologies from every Ted, Dick, and Harry the Senate can cough up.

If you have been living under a rock here's the short measure of it. On Wednesday of this last week, Senator Rick Santorum and Congressman Peter Hoekstra revealed to the press for the first time the declassified portion of documents demonstrating that U.S. military had uncovered a minimum of 500 weaponized munitions that could in fact be used to deliver mustard and saran gas.

Senator Santorum confirmed on my radio broadcast (hear the audio here) that these weapons were the kind used to kill 5000 Kurds by Saddam. Saddam only needed 3 of these missiles to accomplish that feat - we've uncovered 500. That's enough nerve agents to kill more than 8.3 million people - or the Island of Manhattan, or the city of Chicago.

The lying leftists who will get all of us killed if we don't remain vigilant were very slow to respond.

The New York Times who has run hundreds of stories in the last two years on the global war on terror and attempted to reiterate on their news and editorial pages that the President lied to the American people - remained completely silent on the issue the day following the discovery. The Boston Globe committed all of two paragraphs. The Washington Post five. Yet combined these newspapers used thousands of paragraphs with huge, large font headlines to say again and again that the President had lied.

When I asked Senator Santorum the real meaning of it all as it related to the American position prior to the liberation of Iraq he responded quite simply, "it meant that Secretary of State Powell told the truth when he went before the United Nations Security Council."

As I have reported previously we've had first hand knowledge that some of the weapons were removed from Iraq via outfitted 747 Jumbo and 727 jets to Damascus. General Georges Sada testified to as much on my show (hear the audio here.) But at that, there was always a suspicion that not all of the weapons had been able to be moved. I believe that the President firmly believed that they would in fact be uncovered by the respective United Nations inspection teams. But let's face it - the last U.N. Inspections team that actually found what it was looking for was immediately kicked out.

The announcement by Santorum also pointed out something else of keen importance. The declassified version of the report indicates that there are many more weapons likely to be found even yet in Iraq.

There may be perfectly legitimate reasons for waiting on the announcements of such, and even delaying the announcement weeks to months after the discovery. U.S. soldiers could be made vulnerable if the location of such stockpiles were made known to the jihadists who are composed of mostly foreign fighters in Iraq. Telegraphing in advance the knowledge of such weapon's existence might entice two sets of weapons' seekers to emerge.

It is also worth noting that none of the leftists in the United States Congress have apologized for lying to the American people. They have not offered apologies to President Bush, and to add even more pain to their misery the Senate rejected John Kerry's, "pull out of Iraq now" bill by a vote of 86 to 13.

For a season or two the left has had what they thought was the smoking gun for the President and his party - to say he lied to the American people and weapons of mass destruction was what he lied about. What they would never address is how so many foreign intelligence agencies also concluded the same thing as the U.S. based on the best available evidence at the time. Heck, even John Kerry looked at the evidence and concluded that Saddam had weapons and was a threat. Turns out - all those intel agencies, our own CIA information, the administration, and most importantly our fighting men and women are now all justified. The U.S. was right all along.

That smoking gun has now been turned on themselves. For having told the American people their own form of a lie - that WMDs did not exist, and to do so - so many times they deserve every ounce of scrutiny and request for public apology that they receive.

It is also a disgrace that the media has done no more than yawn at the story or give meager back page mention of it when they were willing to tout long and loud that the President lied - with much less evidence that he did. Their callousness to the truth, their unwillingness to correct their positions or to report the facts and their willingness to slander a commander in chief - in the midst of war time are deserving of subscribers canceling their subscriptions in mass numbers. For if one can not depend upon the information they read - then they should get their information from more reliable sources.

As an American, we should stand proud today that even though left ran the spin for a while, the truth is coming out.

And as scripture says, the TRUTH will set you free...