Return to Public Execution

Posted: Apr 13, 2006 3:08 PM

The men and women who this week were arrested in association with the child porn sting carried out by the Justice Department should experience true justice. They should be dragged to Times Square in New York City, hands tied behind their backs, and their crimes should be announced to the packed square and an international TV audience. They should be given no more than two minutes to sort out their business with God.

And then ... they should go meet Him!

They should have their necks stretched, a bullet placed in the back of their heads, or a dozen bowling balls tied to their necks and dropped into the ocean. Or all three.

Whether they watched it or participated in it – and when it comes to moral sin, the Bible doesn't distinguish between the two – they should receive the same sentence. But what these mongrels have done goes beyond the pale of moral indiscretion.

When President Lincoln was shot by John Wilkes Booth, the authorities saw fit to burn and shoot Booth, but also publicly hanged his co-conspirators. They even hanged the women.

The crime the crew had conspired to commit was so deadly, lethal and dangerous to the nation that it was obvious no wrongdoer in the matter could be allowed sanction.

How much more evil is it for a father to engage in oral sex, even anal intercourse with his 18-month-old infant? How violent an act is it to injure a baby's rectum from such activity? How diabolical is it to videotape it? And how far beyond perverse is it to encourage others to watch while it is done?

My radio audience, in urban areas especially like New York City, seem to always rally against the idea of death penalty. The normal arguments relate to certainty of a convict's association with the crime. The rest argue that God is the only one who can mete out true justice in such a scenario.

In this case – the identity of the sickening dogs is easy to prove – they're the people raping their own children and watching the rapes occur.

So have the "trial" – if its necessary – but that should more or less consist of, "here's the tape of the defendants doing what they are accused of." Once that is proven, then there should be no more delay, no more posturing, no more psychoanalysis calling for "understanding these people's mental state." I have no interest in understanding their reasoning for sodomizing their 18-month-old baby, and I would want to lock up anyone who did.

This is not now, nor should it become, a matter of these persons' mental state, capacity, or potential. There is no need for "intense counseling" where they can uncover "demons that made them do it."

This is a matter of perverse appetite that is so far beyond control that it is unredeemable. The ability to be compassionate to a person in this position should not humanly attainable. And for those who argue that it would be God's will to extend such compassion, then let us agree by sending them to meet Him forthrightly.

Let us return to the public, the benefit to the human psyche, of putting these offenders to death in a brutal and agonizing fashion before the world's TV cameras for all to see. In doing so, we send the resolute message that there is a God, and that it is always better to meet Him on His terms, rather than yours. In scarring our now hardened hearts with the shock of what happens to wrongdoers, perhaps we can avoid the pain that comes with the shock to the innocent of the wrongdoer's actions.

Let Tim Robbins and Jesse Jackson hold the vigil and weep for the pain that the molester will experience. We know they care more for the cause of their agenda rather than the pain of the child who will be stunted mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and perhaps physically – because someone they trusted made their 18-month-old body their own personal pleasure tool.

Determine the facts as to the matter of guilt and let justice be done swiftly.

And let it be so for the sake of our children we seek to protect, and for the restraint it might encourage in others whose proclivity to evil might be stopped.

Try them, show them, hang them – and let the people learn.