So What Should be Done About Iran?

Posted: Feb 15, 2006 7:06 PM

Everybody has the terror jitters right now.

Some of my listeners (who are many times decidedly against the War on Terror) confessed in e-mails this week that they are worried about Iran. Defense specialists across the globe are drawing mapped-out plans on cable news networks as to how we could get jets into the region and take out their nuclear facilities. And even the French are threatening maximum retaliation if this or any other nation-state levels a terror assault against them. (And if the French are ready to fight, you know it has to be bad.)

So what should be done about Iran?

Their elected leader is so certifiably insane that even his own countrymen have tried to carry out assassinations against him. In their most recent attempt, they killed his bodyguard and his driver but alas he escaped without injury. And don't read too much into that anyway. The Iranians who want him dead don't necessarily disagree with him, they just want him to stop running off at the mouth putting out in the open what many of them believe anyway. It will not help their cause for him to be calling for the extermination of the Israeli state publicly.

Right now the Bush plan is to go to the United Nations' Security Council and call for sanctions.


This plan has been carried out with such stealth that last week Iran was able to pull out vast amounts of its European holdings, so as to be prepared in the event that they need resources during their sanctions.

Of course, the main reason Bush needs to go to the United Nations is to appease the pansies in this nation on the political left, who believe more in talk than in actions.

After all it wasn't our sanctions against Iraq that got Libya to turn over their weapons programs. It was watching Saddam Hussein be captured in a spider hole – or perhaps Qusay and Uday tasting justice – either way, Libya decided they wanted none of that and coughed up their entire WMD program.

So who cares if we put Iran under sanctions?

They want nuclear weapons. They want to wipe Israel and America off the map. They hate the fact that Iraq is becoming a stable democracy in front of their population's TV sets. They hate the fact that the students in Iran, for the most part, desire to see a true form of freedom and democracy come to their nation. It doesn't seem to me that in light of such hatred for all that America stands for, that a few sanctions are going to be any big deal to them.

So what should be done about Iran?

No doubt the pansy-left in America will argue that talks should drag on and on. Whether Russia comes through on its suggestion to enrich Iran's uranium or not, the left in our nation will argue that we should wait a little longer.

But how long do we wait?

Do we wake up one morning and see that the newly victorious Hamas Palestinian network has combined their efforts with al-Qaida, which has partnered underground with Iran to deliver a simultaneous suitcase nuclear attack in London, Paris, Rome, Washington, D.C., Jerusalem and Berlin all at the same time?

Will some brave John Kerry or Howard Dean like character step forward to become Neville Chamberlain in such an important hour?

So what should be done about Iran?

Trusting the United Nations to oversee Russia and to not allow enriched fissile materials to end up back in Iran's hands is about as competent as saying that the U.N. should be allowed to oversee Iraq's Oil-for-Food program.

In a poll out yesterday, fully 28 percent of the American people say that Iran is a serious and immediate threat to the United States. One year ago, that number was 16 percent. And something tells me the typically cowardly French did not change their position in such a harsh manner without some degree of intelligence telling them of an impending plan.

And when the chief cleric in Iran says, "The stance taken by 'certain European officials' about a nuclear war shows the E.U.'s' weaknesses regarding other states' rights to develop nuclear energy." ... All I can feel is the hair rising up on the back of my neck.

So what should be done about Iran?

The American left says "talk." Israel says "take out their capacity." France says they'll "nuke 'em." But the White House says, "U.N. sanctions?"

Maybe the more relevant question is, "What does Chirac know that Bush doesn't?"