Back to work on the blogs

Posted: Nov 15, 2006 11:02 PM

Among Townhall reader blogs, immediate responses to the midterm election and aftermath varied. Some sat down and cried and some joked about developing an anxiety disorder, but even those who cast their first ever Republican ballot in a general election are not totally disheartened. Townhall readers are ready to get to work.

Madeline’s Dad of Where Are My Keys? called the power shift a "double-edged sword," and wrote that “sometimes it's easier to gripe about what isn't getting done when you don't have the power to change things.” Dealing with this will be among the Democrats’ first priorities. He concludes that post with the ‘get to work’ mentality that most Townhall user blogs have in common: “All in all, I'm not upset with the results. It will force my Party to refocus, get on the same page, and bring the base together. It will happen in time for the "real" election in 2008, when we will need the base the most.”

Townhall editors and readers alike immediately began to ask questions regarding the future of Republican leadership. From managing editor Mary Katharine's blog to Townhall user blogs, the consensus seems to support Mike Pence for minority leader. At Marcy’s Musings, Deanna Marcy commended Pence, citing him as one of the "potential leaders in our Congress who ARE asking themselves the tough questions." (Flagwaver at Calling a Spade a Spade has a great list of such tough questions to consider.) Deanna continued: “Leaders like Mike Pence are absolutely necessary if the Republican Party is ever going to have a chance to return to leadership in this nation. The people desperately want government leaders who stand for smaller government, lower taxes, more accountability, high standards for leaders, strong families, independence, and border security; and they are not willing to settle for wishy-washy pretense.” Deanna also suggested contacting your individual Republican representation to voice this desire for a renewed commitment to conservatism. Dawnsblood, an accidental success with his Rantings, has posted quite a few times in favor of Pence, as well, seeing this opportunity for Pence as part of the “drive to put the party back together.”

As with the rest of the nation’s conservative population, there are growing concerns among the Townhall readers that the newly elected Democrats will not rule as the fair and balanced centrists the mainstream media makes them out to be. Social conservatives, like Rich Boomker of The Bald Eagle, are concerned about the implications of this for the pro-life movement. He writes that because so-called moderates “seem to vote with liberals on important issues like abortion, they may as well be called liberals.” He is one of many Republicans worried about the fate of America’s judicial system in this respect. At Neophyte Pundit, Eric Jay sarcastically wrote that Nancy Pelosi would govern from the middle—but he advised holding onto your wallet and finding a way to protect your family just in case. Neither social nor fiscal conservatives believe the 110th Congress will govern from the middle at this point.

Grampus of A Different Planet is not quite as ‘out there’ as he might think. Many are worried about what this election will mean for the War on Terror, but few have his privileged perspective. Grampus wrote in a recent post (Deja Vu 1972?) of his fear that America will limp home from the Middle East in shame. He watched it happen when our country left Vietnam and he has no intention of watching it happen again. I would certainly feel better about the country’s future if the new Republican leadership and the new Democratic majority alike would commit to reading An American Ultramontane. In wake of last week, John writes: “Can Iraq be turned into a success? That is debatable. Can it be turned into a failure? We only need leave. I, along with every other American, mourn the loss of every life in Iraq – be it American or Iraqi. But, to say that the ‘soaring’ death rate in Iraq is cause for us to leave is simply laughable. The death rate is not soaring, and we must stay in Iraq as a matter of commitment.”

If you are looking for sympathy for the Republican Party, you best not look through the majority of the 2,516 (and counting!) user blogs operating on today. SPQR’s Prysson thinks we got the government we deserve. James Biga of Biga’s Rants thinks Republicans were bound to lose for moving left and "spending like drunken sailors." (We are not cold-hearted and unreasonable critics, here at I, for example, am very sympathetic to my own senator’s loss. Jim Talent has avoided scandals and was purely a victim of the big picture.) Most Townhall bloggers would agree: "Conservatism didn't lose[;] the Republicans lost. The voters didn't reject the conservative movement. The GOP rejected conservatism, and then the electorate rejected the GOP."

Jevica from A Conservative Man is among the few to take an opposite angle. He thinks those who did not vote or did not vote Republican ought to be ashamed. If your intention was to show the Republican Party a lesson, he has this to say to you: "Some lesson." Perhaps Jevica should read Law, Lawyers, and Politics and recall this famous Voltaire quotation: “It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong.”

Townhall readers, not unlike the majority of America, are ready for change. They are ready to take action and they are ready to ensure Republicans succeed in 2008, particularly in the White House. Middleclassguy at Peter V. Bella said it best: “We need a General. A leader. A warrior. […] Losing again is no longer an option.”