Joy Overbeck

Joy Overbeck
How We Can Win the War Even if We Lose the Trump Battle January 6
By Joy Overbeck
At least 140 House Republicans and 20 or more Republican Senators plan to object to the official counting of the ...
January 04, 2021
Colorado’s Pistol Packing Momma Lauren Boebert - Trumpian Warrior
By Joy Overbeck
She’s sometimes called the “conservative AOC.” Though it seems too few Republican candidates have learned anything from the success of ...
October 19, 2020
Will the Anarchist Violence in Our Cities Turn Women Into Trump Voters?
By Joy Overbeck
When Michelle Obama warned in her Democrat Convention speech, “we’ve got to vote for Joe Biden like our lives depend ...
August 20, 2020
How Fake Eco-Apocalypse Climate Predictions Endanger Our Kids’ Futures and Mental Health
By Joy Overbeck
Poor Greta, she’s convinced she has no future. She lives in Sweden, one of the most prosperous nations on earth ...
October 15, 2019
Now There’s Irrefutable Proof: Arming School Staff Keeps Kids Safe
By Joy Overbeck
In the latest two horrific school shootings, one at a STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) high school in Highlands ...
May 21, 2019
Coloradans Fight Big Pharma and Big Soros to Stop Nation’s First Heroin Injection Site
By Joy Overbeck
Among all the twisted, oxymoronic and just plain moronic theories of the left, the most radical is their campaign to ...
February 11, 2019
Democrats Choose Trump Vengeance Over the Lives of Brown Women and Children
By Joy Overbeck
The Democrats’ fake compassion is now on disgusting display for all the world to see. Claiming to be passionate humanitarians, ...
January 10, 2019
Denver City Council Thinks Helping Heroin Addicts Shoot Up Will Stop Them Shooting Up
By Joy Overbeck
Colorado is on track for another first: the nation’s first legal heroin shooting gallery. The Denver City Council has voted ...
November 29, 2018
Black Voters Will Save America With The #WalkAwayCampaign And BLEXIT
By Joy Overbeck
Black people are discovering that they’re conservatives. Impassioned anti-lib thought leaders like Brandon Straka, founder of the #WalkAwayCampaign, and Candace ...
October 31, 2018
Half of Americans Live in Fear – They’re Called Men
By Joy Overbeck
If this outrageous 36-year-old claim by a leftist, anti-Trump marching, California psychology professor against Judge Kavanaugh is treated like truth, ...
September 24, 2018
The Top Three Ways Obama’s Mini-Me Jared Polis Wants to Fundamentally Transform Colorado
By Joy Overbeck
Democrat Congressman Jared Polis is running for Colorado governor on a platform largely constructed from the splintered and moldering remains ...
September 11, 2018
We Must Call Them Regressives, Not Progressives
By Joy Overbeck
How stunning that many brilliant conservatives are still calling totalitarian leftists “progressives.”  Their dusty, decrepit, freedom-crushing ideas have failed for ...
August 22, 2018
Has the #WalkAwayCampaign Doubled Trump’s Approval Ratings Among Black Americans?
By Joy Overbeck
According to Rasmussen Reports on August 2, black Americans’ approval of the job President Trump is doing nearly doubled in ...
August 07, 2018
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