The Importance of Supporting the ACU Foundation

Posted: Oct 25, 2007 12:01 PM
The Importance of Supporting the ACU Foundation

For more than thirty years, the American Conservative Union Foundation (ACUF) has been in the forefront of the conservative movement and is expanding its influence and creating more opportunities for individuals to engage in promoting conservative principles and values.

Now, federal employees in the National Capital Area (District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia) can advance conservatism by designating the ACUF in their contributions to the Combined Federal Campaign by using ACUF’s new 5-digit code, ‘48128.’ Federal employees are encouraged to participate each year in the Combined Federal Campaign and various federal agencies are having their campaign kick-off events throughout October. The campaign is scheduled to run until January 15th.

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This is the ACUF’s second year in the campaign and we are excited to offer this new opportunity for federal employees, including those in the military, to get involved in our efforts to promote conservative principles and values. Please make a note of ACUF’s new permanent 5-digit campaign code: ‘48128.’ Supporting the ACUF in the CFC is a great way to participate in the CFC, strengthen the conservative movement, and get a tax-deduction at the same time.

The ACUF publishes the annual ACU Rating of Congress and Conservative BattleLine, hosts the online Conservative University: Transferring Conservatism to the Next generation, and sponsors the annual Conservative Political Action Conference.

ACUF is the educational arm of the American Conservative Union (ACU), founded in 1964. President Ronald Reagan once said, “ACU is the key to my plans to change the direction of Government… I’ve been acquainted with the ACU since its inception and know it to be a dynamic, responsible organization. ACU’s publications are a valuable source of information and its activities provide an important means to rally conservatives throughout America.”

The ACU works with its one million plus grassroots members and activist and our allies on Capitol Hill to promote free market principles, limited government, individual freedom, traditional moral values and a strong national defense through legislation and policies based on conservative principles.

One of the publications that President Reagan was referring to is ACU’s distinguished annual Rating of Congress¸ the gold standard of conservative congressional ratings. This publication scores key votes each year in order to determine the commitment of each Representative and Senator to conservative principles. ACU’s ratings are cited in publications worldwide to describe the voting patterns of Senators and Members of Congress (shown by either a high or low conservative rating).

ACUF’s largest educational event is the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), widely recognized as the premier gathering of conservatives worldwide. More than 6,000 registrants attended the 2007 conference. CPAC 2008 will be held at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, DC February 7-9, 2008. For registration and additional information, visit

Of CPAC, Vice President Dick Cheney says: “CPAC has consistently over the years championed those ideas that have made America great: limited government, free enterprise, low taxes and a strong national defense.” The conference is seen by all as an educational event providing a broad forum of learning and discussion about conservative principles and how those principles apply to present-day public-policy issues.

The Los Angeles Times calls CPAC “…A showcase of the heart and soul of American conservatism.” CPAC 2008 invited speakers include Mike Pence, George Will, Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, Duncan Hunter, Rudy Giuliani, Jeb Hensarling, Tom Tancredo, and Mike Huckabee, to name just a few.

ACU, ACUF and programs such as CPAC play vital roles in educating and energizing the conservative movement. Shortly after the November 2006 election, ACU Chairman David A. Keene commented:

“We would be better off as a nation and as conservatives if the leaders of the two parties in and out of Congress would fight out their differences on substantive questions for the simple reason that most Americans have the common sense and intelligence to support the conservative position on important issues when there is a fair debate. The Democrats acknowledged this themselves this year by running candidates who they urged to support many of the substantive positions their Republican opponents were articulating, because they knew—as we must remember—that while the American people were willing to reject the feckless and halfhearted leadership they saw from Republicans in Congress, they want to support people who share their conservative values.”

CPAC and our other educational resources help keep the voting public informed on the critical issues facing our nation today. In doing so, we are helping prepare the next generation of conservative leaders with the information they need to continue fostering the goals and values we all share.

By supporting the ACUF through the Combined Federal Campaign, you will be helping strengthen the conservative movement in the important year ahead and beyond.

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There are many other ways to get involved with the ACU and ACUF including various levels of membership and free e-mail action alerts. Be sure to visit ACU and ACUF online at