Celebrating 25 Years of Townhall

Posted: Jun 29, 2020 3:10 PM
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Celebrating 25 Years of Townhall

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It seems like only yesterday it was 1995 when we turned on the lights here and duct-taped cables and computers together to launch Townhall.com. Twenty-five years later, and with the 2020 election in full swing, we're still here fighting alongside you for conservatism against the radical, crazy Left.

We've survived and flourished because we put you and all of our readers first. You've let us know when we've done well and where we can improve. We've listened.

Every day, the liberal mainstream media attempts to drive their leftist narrative with the expectation it will be accepted. Sadly, many of our fellow Americans fall for it, but we know you don't, and you're willing to fight with us in pursuing the truth. We're investing more than ever on reporting, incisive commentary, investigative exposés, and fact-checking the Left. That's why late last year, we launched Townhall VIP.

Sometimes the media attacks Republicans. Sometimes they attack conservative media. They even go after ordinary citizens just expressing their views. They craft their liberal fantasy narrative and conspiracy theories -- painting conservatives as the ones out of touch or evil.

But the truth is that the Left, their candidates, and the media that props them up are trying to push us out of the debate once and for all and turn our great country into a socialist hellhole.

If they do, socialized health care, extreme taxes, abolishing the Second Amendment, speech codes, the Green New Scam, and the whole bag of liberal fantasy proposals will become the new normal.

We can't let that happen, and we will never stop standing up for America. You've been our solid foundation for 25 years, and we know you're ready for this fight. Conservative journalism will become nearly impossible if we allow ourselves to be at the mercy of the big tech censors and the liberal elite lined up against us.

That's why we need YOU to join us in this fight and become a Townhall VIP member.

With a Townhall VIP membership, you'll be supporting -- and get exclusive access to -- BONUS commentary from your favorites like Kurt Schlichter and Larry O'Connor, and tons of investigative reporting and fact-checking efforts we've just not been able to do in the past.

Whether it's Katie Pavlich on the border or reporting from overseas trips with Secretary of State Pompeo, or Julio Rosas covering the riots and unrest in the streets of Minneapolis, Seattle, Atlanta, and Washington, D.C., in just the past month, VIP members are the ones making this kind of intrepid conservative journalism by our whole team possible.

We have amazing writers like Cortney O'Brien, Matt Vespa, Guy Benson, Reagan McCarthy, Leah Barkoukis, Ellie Bufkin, Beth Baumann, and Bronson Stocking, who will give you the non-sugar coated truth when the liberal mainstream media doesn't want you to have it.

We hope you'll be part of this exciting next era at Townhall as we expand to meet the challenges of the vital 2020 political battle ahead.

To celebrate 25 years of Townhall, we're offering a limited time special of 40% off VIP and VIP Gold membership. Use the promo code 25YEARS.

If you become a VIP Gold Member, in addition to getting access to weekly chats with your favorite reporters and columnists, you'll also gain VIP Gold level access to our other five conservative sites that are part of the Townhall Media family: RedState, PJ Media, HotAir, Twitchy, and Bearing Arms – a nearly $300 value.

As a VIP Gold member, you'll also get access to some of our columnists' super-secret direct email addresses like Kurt Schlichter, and Larry O'Connor.

Questions? Email our VIP member team and they can answer any curiosities or help you get signed up if you have any issues. And our tech support is always available for any time you have a problem.