At Townhall, We’re Thankful for YOU!

Posted: Nov 28, 2019 12:01 AM
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At Townhall, We’re Thankful for YOU!

Besides family, friends and health -- YOU.

Politically and journalistically, I am grateful to have you reading and supporting us.  Your emails, comments and support keep us going day after day despite the boycotts and attacks from the Left and their allies on CNN, the New York Times, and elsewhere.

Sometimes the media attacks Republicans.  Sometimes they attack conservative media.  They even go after ordinary citizens just expressing their views.  They craft their liberal fantasy narrative and conspiracy theories -- painting conservatives as the ones out of touch or evil.

But the truth is that the Left, their candidates, and the media that props them up are trying to push us out of the debate once and for all.   

If they do, government health care, socialism, taxing success, speech codes, and the whole bag of liberal fantasy proposals will become the new normal.

We can’t let that happen.  We must stay strong.  You've been our solid foundation for so many years and 2020 is our 25th year doing this at Townhall.

Back in the day -- before advertising -- we only existed because generous readers donated to keep our journalism going.  There's no way we would have survived the fights we had over the years without you.  The Left is always looking for ways to kill conservative journalism by attacking our advertisers and pressuring big tech to kill us off behind the scenes.

This month, we launched Townhall VIP to resist boycotts, fund more reporters, and expose more liberal leftist lies.

Katie Pavlich was also looking for ways to grow her team of reporters and send them into the field more to expose the liberals on the ground.

She’s fighting the Left on TV daily.  Schlichter is taking on the weak-kneed establishment 24/7, and Vespa, O’Brien, Barkoukis, Stocking, Rosas, and the rest of the team report daily on the Tipsheet and manage hundreds of columnists you like each week.  With the election only twelve months away, the whole Townhall team is digging in.

We have survived and flourished because we put you, and all of our readers, first. You’ve let us know when we’ve done well and where we can improve. Thank you. 

The media landscape is as disorganized as it’s ever been and it’s harder and harder to find news we can all trust.  Every day, the liberal mainstream media attempts to drive a narrative with the expectation it will be accepted.  Sadly, many of our fellow Americans fall for it.

We’re fighting back and pursuing the truth. We’re investing more than ever on reporting, incisive commentary, investigative exposés, and fact-checking the Left. Because we’re happy warriors, we’ll also be having some fun while we do it.  

This kind of growth won’t be possible if we allow ourselves to be at the mercy of the big tech censors and advertiser boycotts. The growth we need is essential, not optional. It is critical that our mission continues and grows dramatically.

This is why I'm hoping you'll consider supporting Townhall with a VIP membership -- with exclusive privileges only for a select few.  

**A lot of people join because they just want to support conservative news and make sure it grows... But since everyone's getting into the Black Friday spirit, we did set up Promo codes; BF10 for VIP membership and BF20 for the VIP Gold membership that covers Townhall, HotAir, Twitchy, PJ Media, RedState, and BearingArms.**

We’ve realized that politics today needs more coverage. Too often we find ourselves having to choose between exposing Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren. Do we fact-check today’s CNN garbage or MSNBC’s? We can’t afford to let either of them get away with their misleading and dangerous antics.

With a Townhall VIP membership, you’ll be supporting -- and get exclusive access to -- a robust investigative reporting and fact-checking effort we’ve just not been able to do in the past.  

In addition to supporting our journalism, fact-checking, news, commentary, and analysis, we’re providing a unique opportunity for our VIP Gold members.  These select members will have a communication channel to our editors and writers.  We’ll also be holding regular, live conversations that will be available only to this exclusive club.

I hope you’ll be part of this next era at Townhall.com as we expand to meet the challenges of the 2020 political battle ahead. If you join Townhall VIP quickly, your membership will be tagged as a Charter Membership which will signify your dedication to the fight and help us start fighting the Left harder -- right now.  

Thank you for standing with us. 2020 here we come.