Townhall Top Ten - August 19-25

Posted: Aug 27, 2007 12:05 AM

Illegals, health care, the markets, and politics. That's what readers were talking about during the week that was -- August 19-25, 2007

#10. The debate on Iraq takes a turn
by Charles Krauthammer
After months of surreality, the Iraq debate has quite abruptly acquired a relationship to reality.

#9. The 'Hillary hostility' factor
by Don Lambro
Democrats face a potentially disastrous conundrum in the 2008 presidential nominating race: Sen. Hillary Clinton, the front-runner, is the most disliked candidate among her party's contenders.

#8. Vick Will Never Play Football Again
by Matt Towery
It's been a hoot reading and listening to pundits and armchair legal analysts speculate on the fate awaiting Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick on charges of illegal dogfighting.

#7. Why I Fought for Two Boys I Never Met
by Dennis Prager
At Patton Middle School in McMinnville, Oregon, students created something called "slap butt day."

#6. Unprotected
by Mike Adams
Welcome to UNC-Wilmington! My name is Dr. Adams and you are enrolled in CRJ 105 (Introduction to Criminal Justice).

#5. Internet Hunting Shows the Awful Truth about North American Union
by Michael Medved
Who says politicians can’t move swiftly and decisively to block an imminent threat to public decency?

#4. Why the U.S. Ranks Low on WHO's Health-Care Study
by John Stossel
The New York Times recently declared "the disturbing truth ... that ... the United States is a laggard not a leader in providing good medical care."

#3. An Investment in Failure
by Thomas Sowell
It is not just in Iraq that the political left has an investment in failure. Domestically as well as internationally, the left has long had a vested interest in poverty and social malaise.

#2. Liberal Views, Black Victims
by Walter Williams
Last year, among the nation's 10 largest cities, Philadelphia had the highest murder rate with 406 victims. This year could easily top last year's with 240 murders so far.

#1. 1 Down, 11,999,999 to Go
by Ann Coulter
Mickey Kaus has raised the intriguing possibility that, since Bush's amnesty plan went down to humiliating defeat once Americans got wind of what the elites had planned for us, the Bush administration might respond by intentionally targeting highly sympathetic illegal aliens for deportation "in as clumsy, heartless and lawsuit-inspiring a fashion as possible, in order to create the maximum number of negative headlines."