Townhall Top Ten - June 3-10

Posted: Jun 10, 2007 12:04 AM
Townhall Top Ten - June 3-10

Hillary Clinton and the radical left dominated what readers were talking about during the week that was -- June 3-10, 2007

#10. Clinton: "Something Has to be Taken Away from Some People"
by Amanda Carpenter
During a nationally broadcast forum Monday evening on faith and politics Sen. Hillary Clinton (D.-N.Y.) attacked the free market and told listeners in that order to attain energy independence and provide universal health coverage, it would be necessary to “take away from some people.”

#9. Why Is Profit a Dirty Word?
by John Stossel
At a recent press conference Sen. John Kerry was upset as he snarled, "Oil companies in America are reporting record profits. Record profits." When did profit become a dirty word?"

#8. Hillary Clinton Defends Use of Corporate Jet for Family Vacations
by Dick Morris
On Wednesday, Hillary Clinton was challenged by the press about the Clinton family’s acceptance of more than $900,000 in free private travel from Infousa, a company linked to scamming the elderly.

#7. Jesus is Lord? Hewitt, Mormonism and Bigotry
by Frank Pastore
The first Christians were charged with blasphemy because they refused to confess “Caesar is Lord.” For this crime against the state, they were crucified, lit on fire, and served as human torches to light the evening parties in Caesar’s gardens.

#6. Why Americans don't like Hillary Clinton
by Star Parker
A wave of new books about Hillary Clinton casts tinder into the ongoing flames of discomfort with the New York Senator and Democratic presidential candidate.

#5. Bush's America: Roach Motel
by Ann Coulter
Republicans' defense of President Bush's immigration bill is more enraging than their defense of Harriet Miers. Back then, Bush's conservative base was accused of being sexist for opposing an unqualified woman's nomination to the highest court in the land. Now we're racists for not wanting to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens.

#4. Specks and Logs Syndrome
by Kevin McCollough
When is it ever allowable to observe a person's behavior and then draw conclusions about it, particularly as to whether such behavior is rational, moral, healthy etc?

#3. "Buck Fush" and the Left
by Dennis Prager
Every day I see at least one car, usually more than one, sporting a bumper sticker that reads, "Buck Fush."

#2. Adolescent Intellectuals"
by Thomas Sowell
To a small child, the reason he cannot do many things that he would like to do is that his parents won't let him. Many years later, maturity brings an understanding that there are underlying reasons for doing or not doing many things, and that his parents were essentially conduits for those reasons.

#1. A New Definition of Feminism
by Mike Adams
Recently, a bright, young, conservative woman told me I had gone too far in my criticism of feminism. She even said my harsh criticism of feminism “almost made her want to be a feminist.” In addition to being dead wrong she may be in danger of becoming a liberal.