Townhall Top Ten - May 20-26

Posted: May 27, 2007 12:05 AM

Immigration, immigration, immigration, and a little Rosie -- That's what readers were talking about during the week that was -- May 20-26, 2007.

#10. Fred’s Watershed?
by Selena Zito
On the day of the first Southern-state Republican debate on the Fox News Channel, one undeclared GOP candidate performed a media leapfrog.

#9. Is Sky Falling on America?
by Victor Davis Hanson
The suicide-murders and roadside bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan sicken Americans. Soon-to-be nuclear Iran seems loonier than nuclear North Korea. American debt keeps piling up in China and Japan. And we think of angry Venezuela, the Middle East and Russia every time we fill up - if we can afford to fill up.

#8. The Many Myths of Ethanol
by John Stossel
No doubt about it, if there were a Miss Energy Pageant, Miss Ethanol would win hands down. Everyone loves ethanol.

#7. The Amnesty Fraud: Part III
by Thomas Sowell
Whose problem is the immigration bill in Congress supposed to solve? The country's problem with dangerously porous borders? The illegal immigrants' problem? Or politicians' problems?

#6. Republicans should follow Elisabeth Hasselbeck's example
by Lori Byrd
Earlier this week on the The View, token conservative Elisabeth Hasselbeck spoke up so forcefully that Rosie O’Donnell resorted to playing the “big, fat lesbian” victim card. There are more than a few Republicans who should take a lesson from Hasselbeck.

#5. The Amnesty Fraud: Part II
by Thomas Sowell
Every aspect of the current immigration bill, and of the arguments made for it, has Fraud written all over it.

#4. Importing a slave class
by Ann Coulter
Apparently, my position on immigration is that we must deport all 12 million illegal aliens immediately, inasmuch as this is billed as the only alternative to immediate amnesty. The jejune fact that we "can't deport them all" is supposed to lead ineluctably to the conclusion that we must grant amnesty to illegal aliens -- and fast!

#3. How to Read the New Testament
by Mike Adams
Everyone I know seems to be reading the Bible these days in search of answers. That is usually a good thing but not always. In fact, too many of the Biblical discussions I get into with friends and family members relate to the “End Times” and whether they are upon us. That is a shame because reading the Bible can enrich one’s daily life provided one is not obsessed with using it as a device to decipher the future.

#2. Bears, Beatings, PORNStar Galactica
by Kevin McCullough
Isn't it interesting that only a few months ago your humble correspondent points out that Barack Obama doesn't share biblical values as it relates to moral behavior (particularly when someone's life is hanging in the balance) and screeches of contempt raise the ire of "America's Pastor?"(With extra heavy emphasis on the "")

#1. The Amnesty Fraud
by Thomas Sowell
Nothing is more common than political "solutions" to immediate problems which create much bigger problems down the road. The current immigration bill in the Senate is a classic example.