Top Ten - March 4th-10th

Posted: Mar 11, 2007 12:03 AM

If this week had a theme, it was certainly 'Ann Coulter'. Ann suffered a week of attacks but survived. Are you really suprised? readers didn't abandon Ann and she found herself at #3 this week. See what else readers were talking about during the week that was -- March 4th-10th, 2007

#10. A cottage industry for Coulter
by Rich Galen
Coulter is a cunning businesswoman. According to she has published six books. I would bet there is a seventh book in the offing and her performance at the Conservative Political Action Committee event was nothing more than hype for that.

#9. Meatgrinder politics
by Thomas Sowell
If you wanted a textbook example of what is wrong about appointing a special prosecutor, the prosecution of White House aide Lewis "Scooter" Libby is a classic. Let's go back to square one to see how this sorry chapter in criminal law unfolded.

#8. T error Porn
by John Stossel
Ohio State political science professor John Mueller says there's a terrorism industry -- I call it the "Fear Industrial Complex" -- made up of the media, the bureaucracy, business, and politicians. "Politicians notice that when they hype the terrorist threat, people respond favorably," Mueller says.

#7. The Lost Tomb of Jesus? Things you’d have to believe to believe James Cameron
by Frank Pastore
I’m assuming you’ve already heard all about Da Vinci Code II? Only this time it isn’t Dan Brown, Tom Hanks, Ron Howard and Sony Pictures that are responsible for the predictable just-in-time-for-Easter-Jesus-isn’t-really-divine tale that comes every year at the beginning of Spring Training. The networks always run the specials and the tabloids always put it on the covers. It’s the requisite hit piece on Christianity that we’ve all grown accustomed to. No, this year, the respon-sibility has fallen to James Cameron of Titanic fame with his The Lost Tomb of Jesus.

#6. The Barack I Knew
by Carol Platt Liebau
Barack and I were hardly best friends; he was a year ahead of me at Harvard Law School (and six years older) when we met the summer that I became a newly-minted editor of the Harvard Law Review. But we did work together for some time, and he reached out to advise me when I became the first female Managing Editor in the Review’s history.

#5. Premature politics
by Thomas Sowell
Polls keep coming out showing who is the front-runner among the many Democratic and Republican candidates for their respective parties' presidential nomination. Why all this hype, this early, about front-runners? Has everyone forgotten the old saying, "In politics, overnight is a lifetime"? 

#4. Shattering 3 Myths About Liberals
by John Hawkins
1) Conservatives are more racist than liberals. 2) Liberals are more compassionate than conservatives. 3) Liberalism is the ideology of science.

#3. Shooting elephants in a barrel
by Ann Coulter
With no crime to investigate, Fitzgerald pursued a pointless investigation into nothing, getting a lot of White House officials to make statements under oath and hoping some of their recollections would end up conflicting with other witness recollections, so he could charge some Republican with "perjury" and enjoy the fawning media attention. This makes it official: It's illegal to be Republican.

#2. Martyr of the War Party
by Pat Buchanan
The conviction of Scooter Libby on four counts of perjury and obstruction of justice is first of all a human tragedy. Yet, this was a narrow case. Libby's convictions call to mind Martha Stewart's, who went to prison for lying to investigators about a crime she did not commit. Libby has been convicted of lying about the outing of a CIA classified officer, a crime for which no one has been indicted.

#1. Kent State and Jihad-gate
by Mike Adams
The association between Richard Nixon and Kent State has always revolved around the university’s inability to control war protestors with a proclivity towards violence. But the National Guard won’t have to be called out to remind people of Nixon after the recent Julio Pino controversy. Memories of Tricky Dick will flow naturally from Kent State’s completely unnecessary cover up of the rabid terrorism supporter – the one who prefers to be known as “Professor.”