Top Ten - Feb 11-17

Posted: Feb 18, 2007 12:02 AM

Thomas Sowell and his three-part series on global warming hysteria took the top three spots. See what else readers were talking about during the week that was -- Feb 11-17, 2007

#1. Global Hot Air
by Thomas Sowell
The political left's favorite argument is that there is no argument. Their current crusade is to turn "global warming" into one of those things that supposedly no honest and decent person can disagree about, as they have already done with "diversity" and "open space."

#2. Global Hot Air: Part II
by Thomas Sowell
Propaganda campaigns often acquire a life of their own. Politicians who have hitched their wagons to the star of "global warming" cannot admit any doubts on their part, or permit any doubts by others from becoming part of a public debate.

#3. Global Hot Air: Part III
by Thomas Sowell
If you take the mainstream media seriously, you might think that every important scientist believes that "global warming" poses a great threat, and that we need to make drastic changes in the way we live, in order to avoid catastrophes to the environment, to various species, and to ourselves.

#4. Jonathan Livingston Obama
by Ann Coulter
I've caught Obama fever! Obamamania, Obamarama, Obama, Obama, Obama. (I just pray to God this is clean, renewable electricity I'm feeling.)

#5. Crime of Addiction Does Not Paey
by Mike Adams
The evidence that Paey tampered with the prescriptions is, in my opinion, conclusive. But I have yet to see any evidence that Paey intended to do anything else with the medicine. That is why the 25-year sentence is such a tough pill to swallow for many observers, whether liberal, conservative, or libertarian.

#6. The 2006 Jackass of the Year
by Mike Adams
Georgia Tech President Wayne Clough has finally succeeded. His goal upon taking charge of the school was to transform it into a real university (not just an “institute”) where tolerance is emphasized more than academic achievement.

#7. Obama: Wasting His Own Breath
by Michelle Malkin
I have good news for everyone offended by the description of Sen. Barack Obama as "articulate." He has quickly shed any claim to that label. Indeed, Obama's remarks this week about American troops killed in Iraq were a bumbling, incoherent mess. You may now refer to him officially as the Inarticulate Barack Obama. (As for judging his current level of cleanliness and brightness, you know that's Joe Biden's milieu.)

#8. Will You Be My Vagina-tine?
by Kathleen Parker
In the scheme of things, how and whether people celebrate Valentine's Day doesn't usually qualify as one of the world's more pressing concerns.

#9. Do we want socialized medicine?
by Walter Williams
Problems with our health care system are leading some to fall prey to proposals calling for a nationalized single-payer health care system like Canada's or Britain's. There are a few things that we might take into consideration before falling for these proposals.

#10. A heartbreaking story
by Mike Gallagher
This morning, I heard from an old friend of mine, someone I knew many years ago when I was a young man in Ohio. I could hear the pain and anger in his voice, even after not talking with him in a number of years.