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Posted: Sep 29, 2006 12:03 PM

Don’t worry. Paris Hilton hasn’t been made Headlines Editor at, and no, we’re not launching a swimsuit edition. Instead, is putting readers in charge of telling the rest of America and the world what we should all be reading.

Each day, Townhall editors pull together the best in free market analysis, traditional values, and conservative opinion. Nearly every day we’re asked what’s hot in political commentary. On radio shows, in print, and via email, we rattle off a quick list of what we see our readers paying attention to.

Now we’re putting this information front and center and putting readers in charge of deciding what’s hot.

What’s Hot is a constantly-updated list of what’s catching fire with Townhall readers and bloggers. The most popular commentaries, reader blogs, and podcasts are ranked according to popularity, reader comments, and how many readers have forwarded them to friends.

For example, here’s ”What’s Hot” in columns this week:

1. “This Week’s Revelations” by Thomas Sowell

In examining the week that was, Sowell exposes the lapses of judgment that played into the terrorist detainee bill, as well as the United Nations circus starring Chavez and Ahmadinejad.

2. “I did not have sex with that nomad, Osama bin Laden” by Ann Coulter

Surprise, surprise, Ann Coulter made the cut.  This time she’s taking issue with the assertion that Clinton’s Fox News tirade was preplanned.

The glassy-eyed Clinton cultists are insisting their idol's on-air breakdown during a "Fox News Sunday" interview with Chris Wallace was a calculated performance, which is a bit like describing Hurricane Katrina as a "planned demolition." Like an Osama tape, they claim he was sending a signal to Democrats to show them how to treat Republicans. Listen up, Democrats: Let's energize the undecideds by throwing a hissy fit on national television!

3. “Where have all the good girls gone?” By Michelle Malkin

Remember Charlotte Church?

A singer of arias and sacred songs, she possessed an uncommon sense of modesty and decorum in the skin-baring age of Britney Spears. Charlotte had the face and voice of an angel. Her signature piece was "Pie Jesu" (Blessed Jesus). Her favorite keepsake was a rosary blessed by the pope.

Well she isn’t so sacred anymore…

4. “Chicks Carrying Guns and Kicking Tail” by Mary Katharine Ham

After reading a story about a woman taking justice into her own hands, Ham decided to go looking to see if there were more stories like that one. Absolutely. Including this one:

Salt Lake City - Betty Horton, a 75-year-old smack-talking foiler of crime, gave a purse-snatcher a taste of his own medicine when she chased him down and snatched the stolen goods right back.

5. “Unconscious racism” by Mike Adams

Adams was denied a promotion last week, so naturally he decided his bosses’ unconscious racism should be the topic of his latest column. Smart thinkin’, Mike.

6. “Fall Reading” by Mike Adams

When “Professor” Adams hands out his reading list, it’s always time to head to the bookstore.

7. “The Indispensable Bookshelf: The Books You Absolutely, Positively, Must Read” by Hugh Hewitt

When Hugh Hewitt pulled together a second reading list to prepare young adults for the years ahead, he chose this time to recommend books dealing with Islamic fascism. Since reading lists are always popular with Townhall readers anyway, it was an automatic hit:

for anyone who has constraints on their time but a desire to know how we arrived here and what is ahead, there are four indispensable books, and an order in which to read them. Any serious and patriotic high school history teacher or freshman survey course professor would do well to throw out the syllabus and assign these books.

8. “Why liberals love adultery” by Kevin McCollough

McCollough’s target this week is the former NJ governor and the liberals who embrace him despite his abhorrent disregard for his wife, family, and the public trust he destroyed while in office. This kind of misplaced tolerance isn’t new for the Left.

Now there's a new kid on the scene. Having done all he could to ruin the state of New Jersey - a state he took a solemn oath to protect and serve - the new adulterer that liberals all love is Jim McGreevey. Just in the last week alone he's held hands with Oprah, and shared New Jersey rest area secrets with Matt Lauer.

9. “Turning up Jewish” by Charles Krauthammer

It seems as if a lot of people – especially politicians – are discovering hidden Jewish roots. Krauthammer looks into this phenomenon and considers the reasons for this trend.

There are 13 million Jews in the world, one-fifth of 1 percent of the world's population. Yet 20 percent of Nobel Prize winners are Jewish, a staggering hundredfold surplus of renown and genius. This is similarly true for a myriad of other ``everyones'' -- the household names in music, literature, mathematics, physics, finance, industry, design, comedy, film and, as the doors opened, even politics. But it is not just Jewish excellence at work here. There is a dark side to these past centuries of Jewish emancipation and achievement -- an unrelenting history of persecution. The result is the other more somber and poignant reason for the Jewishness of public figures being discovered late and with surprise: concealment.

10. “The Axis of Oil and Nuts” by Kathleen Parker

Parker thinks the dictators of the day are making Bush’s job easier. It’s certainly difficult to argue with that.

George Bush owes Hugo Chavez a thank-you note. The Venezuelan president's goofy performance at the U.N. General Assembly on Wednesday made Bush look like Winston Churchill.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said she wouldn't dignify Chavez's remarks with a response, while Margaret Beckett, the British foreign secretary, said: ``It's hard to see [Chavez's rant] as helpful."

But it was helpful, if only to allow the rest of the world -- and especially napping Americans -- to see what we have before us. Chavez is not alone in the assorted nut bowl.

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