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Posted: Jul 21, 2006 12:03 AM

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing – Edmund Burke

Given the state of current events around the world, these words have hardly been more true. At Townhall.com we’ve been covering dozens of stories on a daily basis: the Israeli-Hezbollah fighting, Iran’s nuclear game of chicken, North Korea’s missile tests -- not to mention news at home as the 2006 political season heats up with 2008 not so far behind. Television shows, movies, and the music industry seem to be pushing the limits every day. What was once considered vulgar and obscene, is now commonplace.

Townhall.com was created over a decade ago to give red-blooded, God-fearing, country-loving Americans a voice. Everyday we bring you strong voices articulating sound conservative values. Now we’ve added all sorts of new tools to the conservative workshop, but there’s one I really want you to take advantage of.

It’s time for you to finally start a blog.

The new Townhall.com has the space all set up and ready for you to start today.

You’ve been reading the site for years. You’ve probably counted on Townhall.com to give you the very best in conservative news and opinion every morning. Now you can write too. It’s all a part of the new Townhall’s attempt to make smart conservative readers into effective conservative activists. Many of you are already working hard to promote conservative ideas, and Townhall wants to give you all the tools you need and a place to share your views.

Starting a Townhall blog is the perfect opportunity to tell everyone else what YOU think.

And up to 1.5 million other Townhall.com readers are right around the corner waiting for you to post your thoughts on the Middle East, the Emmys, media bias, immigration reform -- you name it.

You’ll be blogging alongside some of your favorite conservative radio hosts including Hugh Hewitt, Mike Gallagher, and Dennis Prager.

You’ll be blogging alongside fellow readers from all over the country and globe. From readers right in the middle of the Israeli-Hezbollah conflict to stay-at-home parents to college professors and political activists.

In just a week, nearly 1,000 readers have started publishing their own opinions on Townhall.com.

A decade ago, Americans were forced to just sit back and watch as pundits and politicians talked in circles. Now you’re back in the game and Townhall.com can make it easier.

In the last couple of years, blogs have played a vital role in uncovering hundreds of hidden news stories. Dan Rather might still be anchoring the CBS Nightly News had blogs not existed. John Kerry might even be president had the blogs not kept John Kerry’s Vietnam protests front and center in people’s minds.

A real revolution in citizen journalism is underway. Never before have we had such an opportunity to hold news organizations and politicians accountable. With so much going on in the world, today is the perfect day to create your own blog on Townhall.com.

Snit Romney
Kurt Schlichter

Townhall.com is THE home of conservatism, online and what better place to join than the home of Ann Coulter, Mike Adams, Hugh Hewitt, Thomas Sowell and many others.

Even if you’ve never blogged or even thought about blogging before, it’s not a problem. Townhall will walk you through the simple three-step process, offering a variety of blog designs so you can choose the look that’s right for you. Blogging is great way to make your voice heard and your opinion count.

You can alert your friends, family and other readers whenever you post something new, and readers can correspond with you via the comments section of your blog. And each time you post to your blog, it’ll be announced across the whole Townhall.com website.

On top of all this, the best blogs, the most read-blogs, and the blogs with the most comments will get top billing in What’s Hot and Your Opinion.

Blogging is great way to make your voice heard and your opinion count.

I hope you’ll join in the fun today.