Pulling back the curtain

Posted: Jul 04, 2006 12:01 AM

This is it. The new Townhall.com is finally here. After forcing all of you to look at the 'coming soon' page for the last two days, the wait is over. The Townhall.com team has been hard at work trying to build everything and the kitchen sink. The curtain has been pulled back and you’re all invited to take a look around. I hope you like what you see.

As the oldest, biggest, and best conservative site out there for more than a decade, Townhall.com is about to make an even more dramatic impact on the national political discussion.

The new Townhall.com offers an arsenal of weapons for conservatives to win the battle of ideas. The liberals will try to dismiss us but we know better. This is the start of something big and the stakes in 2006 and 2008 couldn’t be higher.

Joining the Townhall.com community are talk radio’s finest, Bill Bennett, Mike Gallagher, Dennis Prager, Michael Medved, and our Executive Editor, Hugh Hewitt. Each has their own page on Townhall where you can listen to their shows, read their blogs, comment on their shows, and interact with other listeners.

Want to listen to Townhall Talk in your car? Then check out our podcasts, which can be pulled into your iPod to listen to anytime. Want to listen live on the radio? Then enter your zip code and find out what time and what radio station to tune to for Townhall Talk Radio.

Townhall.com is growing dramatically, and in addition to the dozens and dozens of conservative writers you’ve counted on Townhall.com for, we’ve added several new ones including William Rusher, Don Lambro, Roger Schlesinger, Rich Galen, Jay Sekulow, Lori Byrd among others and regular columns from Bennett, Gallagher, Prager, Hewitt and Medved.

What’s Hot?

What should I read? That’s the question we are all faced with as we’re presented with dozens of magazines, Web sites, newspaper stories, and blogs. Your time is precious. Townhall.com has always taken seriously our responsibility to cull through the massive amount of material out there and find the very best. Now we’re giving you a part of the action. By voting on which columns you like, which blog posts were most interesting, and which news stories were most informative, you’ll help your fellow readers. Townhall’s What’s Hot is a reader-determined selection of the very best from the Townhall community. The best columns, blogs, and podcasts according to you.

Speaking of YOU – you can have a new home on the web. With Townhall.com, you can create your own blog right next to Ann Coulter, Hugh Hewitt, Thomas Sowell, and the whole Townhall.com gang. You can post your own commentary, your thoughts on Congress, media bias, the state of our nation – the sky’s the limit. Try it today. We want to hear what you think. You might even hit the big time if enough of your fellow readers like your blog. Townhall has it’s own blog too where we keep a 24/7 vigil for conservative values – keeping you informed and up-to-date on the political battles at hand. You can talk back, too, by commenting on blog posts.

Can’t decide what movie to see this weekend? Why not let Townhall.com’s very own Michael Medved and Megan Basham give you the lowdown on the new movies to go see or to stay away from. Don’t stop there. If you’ve seen the movie then join in the punditry and rate the movie your self.

Can’t decide what book to start reading? Townhall has the reviews. From our regular reviewers and from YOU. Did you like a book you’ve recently read and think the rest of us should read it too? Then sign up and send in your own review.

Need a laugh? Try Townhall.com’s cartoons. Several of the best conservative editorial cartoonists now call Townhall.com home. Michael Ramirez, Chuck Asay, Bob Gorell, Chip Bok and more. Their insights on current events will keep you laughing and thinking.

But let’s not forget that politics is sometimes serious business. That’s why Townhall.com has the strongest set of partner organizations providing the very best research on the family, tax policy, foreign policy, the courts, and dozens of other issues, all set up to make your research quick and easy.

Then it’s time to take action. And Townhall.com is set up to make taking action easy and effective. You can start petition drives, educate your friends with your own newsletter, write your local newspaper editor, call in to talk radio, and contact your congressman with just a couple of clicks.

Sounds like a lot, but Townhall.com is just getting started. With your help we’ve started a conservative revolution for the values we share. I hope you’ll sign up today and get involved.

Townhall.com – Where your opinion counts.

Jonathan Garthwaite is Editor-in-Chief of Townhall.com