The NY Times' betrayal

Posted: Jun 21, 2006 1:02 PM

The editors at The New York Times has once again demonstrated that their bias knows no bounds. For the second time in less than a year, they have published information concerning secret government programs designed to capture or deter terrorists. And no other motive can be found but profit and a partisan hatred for the President.

You’ll recall that in December, The Times revealed that the NSA was tracking the phone call records. This allowed the NSA to study established webs of connection that terrorists have in place and was crucial to the war on terror. The New York Times reported it and not the our advantage against the terrorists is gone. And just last week, The Times reported, against the protests of the White House, that the government was looking at international financial transactions in an effort to track terrorist finances and capture suspected enemies.

Twice, now, The Times has disgracefully revealed classified government information. Republicans are rightfully calling for an investigation into the matter, but left-wing allies of the paper are already jumping to its defense. Arlen Specter decried calls for an investigation, and reliable on-air nutcase Keith Olbermann hyperventilated over what he saw as unjustified attacks on the media.

The case is a fairly simple one. As the National Review has pointed out, the Supreme Court has ruled that “records in the hands of third parties — including financial records maintained by banks — … not private, and thus not protected by the Fourth Amendment.” The Supreme Court has also held that the press has a right no greater than that of the average citizen. The press simply does not hold some special right to speech that others don’t. Not only does this violate the 14th Amendment, but it makes no sense in an information age where, with the advent of blogging, everyone becomes the press.

Had the average citizen obtained this information and released it, he’d be rightfully prosecuted. But the big-headed press, secure in their elite opinion that they are the fourth branch of government, pat themselves on the back for their treason. If the Bush Administration does not revoke The Times’ press credentials – as National Review has called for – and investigate the matter – as Congressmen and Senators have called for – it will be seen as weak. Giving the terrorists our inside information is not what should qualify a reporter as Pulitzer material. All of us newspaper readers shouldn’t put up with our national security being put at risk for the sake of a trophy on some reporters mantle. Now is the time to send a very clear message to the anti-American cadre of journalists known as the New York Times: you will face the consequences for your actions.