Townhall Readers Speak Out

Posted: Sep 20, 2004 12:00 AM is currently in the middle of our Fall Pledge Drive.  So far hundreds of readers have responded with incredible generosity.  A few of their attached comments are below.   To follow our progress, visit the official Pledge Drive page.   If you've decided to join some of your fellow readers you can contribute online. is the refreshing voice of the people that has been suppressed by the mainstream press and media for some time now. Thanks for all your good work.
-Olufemi from Cypress, Texas

It's the only place you can get all the conservative opinions in one place, every morning. It helps protect me from the barrage of liberal mainstream media I know I will face all day long.
-Jack from Champaign, Illinois is important to America because it provides an outlet to promote the truth to millions of people who may not get the truth most other places.
-Adrian from Cumming, Georgia

It is the only source of quality and objective journalism as it should be. It's the best example of what reporting and editorializing was, is and can be.
-Robert from Ocala, Florida

Townhall continually produces the highest quality commentary.  Readers know they can trust the integrity and honor of Townhall columnists.
-Janice from Wichita Falls, Texas

The United States is constantly under attack from outside our borders and within. gives me the tools to fight against the liberalism that threatens our way of life.
-Jay from Seattle, Washington

As an American living and working overseas I must work very hard to find news and commentary that isn?t blatantly anti-American. Townhall gives me, and other Americans working overseas, the ability to maintain our sanity and fight the good fight. Keep up the good work.
-Robert from Hong Kong, China

...Townhall and others offer the opportunity to consider the facts ? a service more Americans should take advantage of. I have forwarded Townhall to many of my friends and hope others do the same. Regardless of political leanings we must all stay informed and act responsibly to save our country. Townhall helps us do that.
-Edwin from Eagle, Idaho

Thanks for standing in the breach as a voice for conservative values and morality during this difficult time.
-Michael from San Jose, California

Every day I get the Opinion Alert, and scan/read the best and most recent material from trusted, values-oriented, conservatives who really know what is going on in our country.  It helps keep me centered when surrounded by the "nattering nebobs of negativism."
-Charles from Waco, Texas

Townhall writers articlate with wit, insight, and facts, the reasons why we should stick to the ideals of the founders of our nation. It's very comforting to know such brilliant people are on my side.
-Frank from Poquosonn, Virginia

In a liberal environment like Massachusetts, I am dependent on to help equip me with thoughtful points of discussion so that I can confidently participate in lunchtime conversations with my liberal colleagues.  I am so encouraged that we have real orators and thought leaders advocating Christianity and its relevance in our culture.  By God's grace, the generation that follows us will understand this and begin to take positions of leadership to bring freedom back to America.  Thank you,!
-Amy from Somerville, Massachusetts

Townhall is the single best gathering of Conservative opinion going.  Nowhere else is there such a rich pool of talent from which to learn the follies of the left.
-Kevin from Glendale, Arizona

Townhall gives us a quick way to keep up on current events without the information being filtered through biased news sources.  It is really a strong force in the war against the left's continued efforts to bring down this great nation.  Thanks!
-Rendall from Van Buren, Arkansas

The ability to read daily perspectives from America's leading conservative thinkers and writers is essential to my understanding of what is the truth surrounding the issues of our day and interpreting how these issues will impact my family's life in America.
-David from Bartlett, Tennessee

Thanks for the truth and unfailing loyalty to the Conservative values.
-Capt. & Mrs. G.C. from Mobile, Alabama

It is a must-read, uplifting site that I can go to for truth, encouragement and sane commentary when liberals are misleading, trashing and having their fits.  It is a good vent for me to read eloquent and articulate and funny lines that echo what I am thinking.  Thanks.
-Jan from Ham Lake, Minnesota

There is no conservative alternative to the local "objective" (liberal) newspapers available for delivery to my doorstep.  Thankfully, over the internet, there exist numerous places to go for other viewpoints, and the most valuable to me is Townhall. Thank you!
-Shaun from Auburn, Washington

I think is a wake up call to many Americans who don't realize that our values are so much at stake and that we must stay informed and involved if we are to protect our way of life.
-Pamela from Alexandria, Virginia

I live in Spain amidst a country-full of Lefties with a media that is at least as far left-leaning as the traditional media in the States, probably more.  ...Townhall helps me keep up on what's really going on and gives me good well-founded conservative analysis, often with a much-needed dose of humor.  It helps me keep my sanity.  I only wish I could contribute more.
-Todd from Sevilla, Spain

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to our future so far.  If you've decided to join some of your fellow readers you can contribute online.