Townhall readers speak out

Posted: Mar 17, 2004 12:00 AM is currently in the middle of our Spring Pledge Drive.  So far hundreds of readers have responded with incredible generosity.  A few of their attached comments are below.   To follow our progress, visit the official Pledge Drive page.   If you've decided to join some of your fellow readers you can contribute online.  

"The excellent writing of conservatives on your site keeps me informed of stories I wouldn't normally be aware of through other media."

- Jolian, Heathrow, FL

"Living here in San Francisco it is very difficult watching what is happening to our country by socialist judges, lawless mayors and attorneys general who won't uphold the law and follow our constitution.  However, I get Townhall everyday and that makes a huge difference in my life because it continually refreshes my faith by knowing that there are others out there who believe as I do.  Thank You!"

- Elliott, San Francisco, CA

"I find Townhall to be a distillation of opinion gleaned from many sources.  I put in a full day at work and do not have the time or patience to find the sources you present daily.  Thank you."

- Marion, Caldwell, NJ

"I've supported in the past for alternative news and opionion. I now feel we are in a real battle against external as well as internal forces who despise traditonal America and her foundations."

- Albert, Gainesville, FL

"I think Town Hall is magnificent and I look at the columns every day.  I turned my son on to it as well.  It used to be just Bill Buckley standing athwart history and saying "Stop". Now we have so many very bright people helping in that effort.  As a conservative since I could think reasonably, I am thrilled by the success of organizations like yours."

- Bruce, Fairport, NY

"You do a great job of getting the conservative viewpoint out there.  You dispel the left's slander with the facts and you expose their agendas with the truth.  Your site is a daily must read for me and I regularly refer it to others...especially to those with whom I disagree politically.  It's the civil way to stick a thumb in their eye."

- Barbara, Alexandria, VA

"People contribute so much to political candidates, yet you do so much more.  The articles you publish highlight issues that the media ignore and the facts and analysis that make their conclusions inescapeable.  Thanks."

- Byron, Houston, Texas

"I check Townhall daily to find well presented, logical arguments supporting conservative principles.  I particularly enjoy the work of authors such as Dr. Mike Adams and Ann Coulter--fact based, humorous discussion of whacky liberal activities."

- Thomas, Leesburg, VA

"I appreciate the clarity of thought expressed by so many of your writers. I especially like Dennis Prager, Walter Williams, and Thomas Sowell among many others. It helps me to articulate my beliefs to people who get their values only "from their heart," instead of their head, their heart and a rock solid guide book."

- Don, Renton, WA

"We agree with Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity that your forum is the best available for good down to earth information. Keep up the good work."

- Steve & Gayle, Peoria, AZ

"We must win the civil war ... Judeo Christian values are persecuted, and our very rights to exercise our rights and live by our values is under attack. You help make the debate visible, you promote clarity, and work to draw people together to meet and make a difference!"

- Philip, Midlothian, VA

"You provide information and reassurance that there are other people in the country that think as I do."

Marcus, Indiana

"As a local government elected official, is a source of support and information."

- Sherry, Oregon

"Thank you for putting this website together. It's how I start every morning - reading your columnists. What a treat to have them all in one place!"

- Kent, Oregon

"Because while I'm busy at work, I know that there is someone out there working to remind me, at the end of the day, when I get a chance to catch up on my reading, about the important Conservative issues that have grounded America for centuries."

- Daniel, Wisconsin

" allows me to have a voice that can be heard over the screaming of the liberal left!!! If we want to preserve the values that this nation has stood for, we are definitely going to have to put our money where our mouths are, and fight Soros, et al, to the bitter end. "

- Sharry, Virginia

" has to be the most unique and yet reputable conservative hub on the internet! I've benefited personally from you as a student journalist and I believe the website itself is a great help in bringing conservatives together and keeping them informed. "

- Mark, Washington

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to our future so far.   If you've decided to join some of your fellow readers you can contribute online.   To follow our progress, jump to our official Pledge Drive page.