Conservatives Unite

Posted: Jan 29, 2004 12:00 AM
New York City (397) 
Orange County, CA (397)
Houston, TX (370)
Washington, DC (330)
Phoenix, AZ (296)
Sacramento, CA (295) 
Northern Virginia (278) 
Dallas-Plano, TX (261) 
San Diego, CA (246) 
Santa Clara County, CA (245) 
Denver, CO (239) 
Atlanta, GA (238) 
Detroit, MI (228) 
Philadelphia, PA (221)
San Diego North, CA (218)
Minneapolis, MN (218) 
Marietta-Roswell, GA (217)
Austin, TX (205)
San Fernando Valley, CA (195) 
Chicago, IL (181)
St. Louis, MO (173) 
Santa Monica, CA (170) 
Orlando, FL (167) 
Baltimore, MD (167)
Kansas City, MO (161)
Alameda County, CA (158) 
Portland, OR (156)
Boston, MA (155)
Pittsburgh, PA (150)
Jacksonville, FL (146)
Contra Costa County, CA (145)
Raleigh-Durham, NC (144)
Columbus, OH (143) 
Indianapolis, IN (139)
Las Vegas, NV (135) 
Tampa, FL (133)
Nashville, TN (131)
Duluth-Gainesville, GA (124)
North Suburban Chicago, IL (120)
Milwaukee, WI (118) 
Cincinnati, OH (117)
San Antonio, TX (114)
Riverside, CA (112)
Manhattan Beach, CA (110)
Santa Rosa, CA (109) 
Cleveland, OH (108) 
San Francisco, CA (106)
San Bernardino, CA (106) 
Charlotte, NC (103) 
Ventura, CA (102)
Norfolk, VA (97)
Montgomery County, MD (97) 
Pomona-Claremont, CA (97)
Northern NJ (96)
West Palm Beach, FL (94) 
Tucson, AZ (93)
San Mateo County, CA (92)
St. Pete-Clearwater, FL (91)
Newark-Jersey City, NJ (89)
Long Beach, CA (87)
Pasadena, CA (87) 
St. Paul, MN (86)
Wheaton, IL (83)
Rochester, NY (83)
Broward County, FL (80)
Louisville, KY (79)
Fort Worth, TX (78)
Suffolk County, NY (77)
Seattle, WA (77)
Knoxville, TN (76)
Memphis, TN (74)
Albany, NY (72)
Arlington / Irving, TX (72)
Monmouth-Ocean Counties, NJ (71)
Dayton, OH (71) 
Oklahoma City, OK (71) 
Salt Lake City, UT (70)
Hartford, CT (69) 
Tulsa, OK (69)
Reno, NV (68)
Richmond, VA (68)
Lowell, MA (68) 
Colorado Springs, CO (67) 
Trenton, NJ (65)
Greensboro, NC (65)
Marin County, CA (65) 
Westchester, NY (64)
Albuquerque, NM (64)
Fairfield County, CT (64) 
New Orleans, LA (63)
Birmingham, AL (63)
Hollywood-East LA, CA (63)
Bakersfield, CA (63)
Dade County, FL (62)
Middlesex County, NJ (62)
South Boston, MA (61)
Nassau County, NY (60)
Grand Rapids, MI (60)
Ann Arbor, MI (60)
Providence, RI (60)
and many more... readers held two local Conservative Townhall MeetUps and you've done an amazing job getting organized.   The New York Times, LA Times, New York Observer, Philadelphia Inquirer and several other papers have already noticed the grassroots movement you're starting.

Next Tuesday, February 3rd is the next meeting in your city. We need you

Nationwide, nearly 20,000 Conservatives in over 500 cities have signed up to network and organize at the local level.  Click here to find out where.

Conservative meetup in San Diego, CA
With the passage of the Medicare bill, campaign finance reform, and runaway spending in Washington, it's never been more important for conservatives to unite in defense of the principles of limited government, traditional values, free enterprise, and a strong national defense.
A lot of the media coverage lately has been focused on what the Left is doing online but quietly you've been building your own grassroots team.
And you're starting to get the credit you deserve.
In fact, the CEO of MeetUp told CNN's Inside Politics last month that you have grown the Townhall MeetUp faster than any other MeetUp topic has started out.  11,000 in the first month. Over 19,000 by this morning.

Conservative meetup in Honolulu, Hawaii
The nation's newspapers are noticing too.
New York Observer: "On the evening of Jan. 6, the Manhattan Lounge on Second Avenue and 89th Street became the amber-lit sanctuary of that rarest breed of New Yorker: the unapologetic conservative."
The Northern Virginia Journal: "The meet-ups for - the online wing of the conservative Heritage Foundation - have grown faster in the last two months than any other gatherings in the Web site's 18-month history, said spokesman Myles Weissleder."
Los Angeles Times: "In New York, the first Townhall meetup drew about 40 people to a hip bar on the Upper East Side, where they spent more than an hour exchanging political ideas ? and a sense of relief at encountering other conservatives in the predominantly Democratic city."
There's no substitute for activism at the local level in the fight for American values and we need you.  
If you haven't decided to get involved yet, now is the time.
If you've already signed up, then you need to RSVP.

Conservative meetup in Northern Virginia
Don?t let conservatives remain ?the silent majority? ? make the Conservative Meetup the most successful Meetup yet.
Using MeetUp, you can meet with other conservatives in your area to discuss current events and issues with other like-minded individuals, find support from other conservatives in your area, and mobilize in your community to make sure the conservative voice is heard.

If you haven't, please sign up today to meet and take action with other conservatives in your neighborhood! Don't worry, it's completely free.

 Townhall MeetUp on Tuesday, Feb. 3rd at 7pm