Conservative Townhall MeetUp Recap

Posted: Jan 08, 2004 12:00 AM
Tuesday night, thousands and thousands of conservatives met in pubs, restaurants, coffee houses, and public libraries all over the country. It's only been two months since we all started coming together with the help of the MeetUp site, and you have already helped make it one of the biggest MeetUps in the country.

meetup in San Diego, CA
In fact, the CEO of MeetUp told CNN's Inside Politics the other day that you have grown the Townhall MeetUp faster than any other MeetUp topic has started out.  11,000 in the first month. Over 17,000 by last night.
A lot of the media coverage lately has been focused on what the Left is doing online but quietly you've been building your own grassroots team.

Conservative meetup in Honolulu, Hawaii
Conservatives in over 530 cities signed up to meet each month and there is no limit to how far you can take it.
There's no substitute for activism at the local level in the fight for American values and we need you.   The Left is out screaming about taking their country back.  What they really mean is that they want to take their country back -- from you.
If you haven't decided to get involved yet, here's your chance.

Conservative meetup in Northern Virginia
More photos from last night's nationwide Townhall MeetUp will continue to be uploaded to the site.   Drop by and check them out.  And if you're not part of the Townhall MeetUp yet, make today the day you take a stand for America.
The next Townhall Meetup is February 3rd. 
Venue voting starts on 1/13
RSVP and confirmations start on 1/27