Can JC Comparisons Save BHO?

Posted: May 29, 2013 12:01 AM

It’s too bad for progressives that there is no correlation between kicking the pants off of Mitt Romney and actual governing.  

In retrospect, beating Willard M. Romney- who ran so bad a race for the White House that some people close to him thought that he didn’t want to be president- wasn’t the great victory that Barack H. Obama claimed.

It hasn’t earned Obama the clout to do anything but raise taxes since the election.

And most of the failure to amass and properly use the political power he gained in victory can be traced to a failure in Obama himself.

Let’s face it, BHO can raise money to campaign, but that’s about it.   

One of the big criticisms of the Obama White House is that B.O. tries to govern as if governing is the same as campaigning. And while he scores marginally better at campaigning- largely because of get-out-the-vote activities- the positive score reflects a grading curve that has been warped by one of the worst government administrations since Ulysses S. Grant ran the White House

OK, technically he was Hiram U. Grant.  But there is no disputing that he ran the White House as if it was an army before Vicksburg.

He became Ulysses S. Grant because a congressman couldn’t remember his name on Grant’s appointment to West Point; and Ulysses didn’t want his initials as they stood (H.U.G.) to be stenciled on his military gear.  

So he left it: U.S. Grant.

I add that explanation just as a reminder that government has always been getting little things wrong like names, dates, subpoenas, IRS targeting lists. 

But in the hands of some, government can be even more messed up than one might rationally credit.

Take, for example, James E. Carter, Jr., also known as J.C.

His wounds were self-inflicted as well.

He always knew- like Obama- that he was the smartest guy in the room.  Remember the signs at the Democrat nominating convention that proclaimed Carter as the newest messiah, complete with halo?

So there is a precedent for a liberal president-messiah, who is less than a messiah and less than a president, while others proclaim him more than an ordinary man.

Carter’s Deputy Secretary of State, Warren Christopher, once asked during a briefing on rescuing the American hostages from the embassy in Tehran, if it was really necessary to shoot the Iranian militants in the head when rescuing the hostages.

"Will you shoot them in the shoulder, or what?" Christopher asked according to Delta Force commander David Beckwith’s account. "No sir," replied the commander, "we're going to shoot them each twice, right between the eyes." Christopher's response: "You mean you're really going to shoot to kill? You really are?"

Carter actually let Christopher stay in the room for the rest of the briefing. What’s more, Christopher was the guy Carter tapped to negotiate the release of the hostages from Iran.

Now you know why it took 444 days and the election of Ronald Reagan to free the hostages from a bunch of college kids with AK47s.

J.C., it seems, had apostles that were notably bad at their job. 

I add that explanation just as a reminder that government has always been getting things wrong like how to beat our enemies, the differences between friends and foes, hostage rescue, drone attacks, subpoenas.

You know? The little things.

But, again, in the hands of some, government can be even more messed up than one might rationally credit.

Liberals experts would have you believe that the mistakes of liberal current government, however, are just simply poor execution, not poor policy or lack of respect for laws.

“For the White House,” writes noted liberal Robert Shrum in the DailyBeast, “the problem here resembles Carter, not Nixon. It isn't about crime; it's about competence. This president didn't do anything wrong.”

Yeah, he’s just an idiot.  

And here’s proof:    

“Designs for many of the nation’s most sensitive advanced weapons systems have been compromised by Chinese hackers,” says the Washington Post, “according to a report prepared for the Pentagon…. Experts warn that the electronic intrusions gave China access to advanced technology that could accelerate the development of its weapons systems and weaken the U.S. military advantage in a future conflict.”

The Post story comes at a time that “White House security adviser calls for deeper China military ties,” according to Reuters.

Yes, the White House is calling for deeper military ties to a country that just performed the electronic equivalent of a forcible proctological exam on our military. 

Maybe Obama is hoping next time they just shoot us in the shoulder.  

"An essential part of building a new model for relations between great powers is ensuring we have a healthy, stable and reliable military to military relationship," said Tom Donilon, National Security Advisor, playing the role of Warren Christopher for the Obama administration.

I add that explanation just as a reminder that government has lately been getting things wrong like who our allies are, the difference between communism, socialism and capitalism, the advantages of free markets, free people and free speech.

So yes, I agree with Robert Shrum:  In their confusion, I find quite a bit of Carter in this BHO’s administration.

But I wouldn’t rule out finding a lot more Nixon too.

I mean more than we already know about.