The Progressive (and Obama) European Solution: Liberty, Currency and Fraternities!

Posted: May 20, 2013 12:01 AM

Man’s conquest of Nature, if the dreams of some scientific planners are realized, means the rule of a few hundreds of men over billions upon billions of men.- C.S. Lewis, The Abolition of Man

In Greece and Italy two unelected prime ministers, with banking backgrounds similar to members of our own government, swore to rescue their countries for the Euro.

Yeah, that worked out great, didn’t it?

Liberty, Fraternity and Currency!

And they "saved" their countries by bringing to bear the expertise of every “non elected pipe smoking and tweed wearing university don,” in the Daily Mail’s derisive phrase, to tackle the problem of the Great European Society- which, incidentally, was created by a bunch of non elected, pipe smoking and tweed wearing academics stuck in the 1960s.    

In Italy, Mario Monti of Yale University, the European Commission, the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg Group formed a government of “technocrats” who, like members of Obama’s administration, contains a number of high academic degrees; that has tons of experience in government bureaucracies, but offers little else.

They formed a government of so-called “government financial experts.” In short, they were the technocrats who thought up the debt scheme that now hangs around the neck of the world.  

Monti’s cabinet had no elected officials.

Oh, this should work out well, I said as I covered my eyes.  

“Monti gave few hints about his political program Wednesday,” reported the Associated Press, at the time.

“Explaining why his Cabinet had no one from Italy's fractious political parties, Monti said he decided after talks with party leaders ‘that the non-presence of politicians in the government would help it.’"

Yet later he observed that “I hope that, governing well, we can make a contribution to the calming and the cohesion of the political forces."

Yes, nothing like an Italian dictatorship of technocrats to calm the political forces.

It's really worked out too. Nothing is calm two years later as thre technocrats gave up power to a centre-right-left coalition:

“After less than a month in power, Mr Letta is trying to hold together a coalition between his centre-left Democratic party and the centre-right People of Freedom,” reports ABCNews, “led by former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi. Opinion polls suggest that public trust in Mr Letta's fragile coalition is dropping with the country experiencing its longest recession in more than 40 years.”

Mussolini’s Black Shirts would be proud.

They had to march on Rome to gain power.

Who knew all you had to do was drive Italy into bankruptcy?

I wonder if the Italians plan on invading Ethiopia soon?

Too late, I guess: We already invaded Libya on their behalf.

“The EIA showed that Libya’s No. 1 customer is Italy,” says PolitiFact, “which bought 28 percent of Libya’s [oil] exports in 2010.”

Next up: Syria and the WORLD!

In Greece, Lucas Papademos of MIT, visiting professor at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, professor at Columbia University, Senior Economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston and member of, you guessed it, the Trilateral Commission, also instituted a government of technocrats in Athens.

“Mr Papademos, an unelected former banker,” said the BBC “leads an interim cabinet of technocrats backed by the leading parties.”

There's an echo in here.

And why wouldn’t they have supported him? They all went to the same schools or joined the same club or worked for the same bank.

Liberty, Currency and Fraternities!

Ben Bernanke for President? Or Tim Geithner?  

If you have any doubt about where all this headed in the US, then just take a look at Geithner's response to constitutional questions at the time on the Euro crisis, care of the

At yesterday's WSJ CEO Council participants got to see what Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner really thinks about constitutions and the law.

While being questioned by Rupert Murdoch's top lieutenant, Robert Thomson, the topic of the Eurozone crisis came up and the need, in Geithner's view, that the European Central Bank should step in and buy Eurozone bonds whenever required. The problem with this is that it is against the ECB constitution that was approved by the EZ members when the ECB was formed.

So does Geithner see a problem with this constitutional limitation? Not really.

He said, in a somewhat irritated fashion, that "there are ways to get around these things". So much for constitutions. Then he added. "It's not rocket science [to get around these things]".

And there you have Geithner's view on laws, agreements and constitutions. There are ways to get around them.

There are ways to get around banks accounts too.

That’s what the world has come to: We’re begging the very people who put this clown car over the cliff on purpose to write us a white paper about it. What we really need is a parachute to stop our rapid descent.

“Don’t worry,” the technocrats have told us. “As long as we keep falling we’re fine. It’s hitting the ground that causes the real trauma.”

Greece hit the ground last year. And to stop the bleeding in some places, the confiscated the wealth in bank accounts, through taxes and through- unbelievably- new spending to make up for the old spending that went into bankruptcy.

I don’t believe in the Trilateral and Bilderberg conspiracies. But I do believe that our world leadership suffers from a severe case of intellectual, political and corporate inbreeding that’s led them to dangerous defects in their vision for which there is no cure but cultural, financial and social death.   

Where were Papademos and Monti as the world climbed the debt wall? Or Bernanke or Geithner? They were teaching bankers how to do it, that’s where.

“No lesson seems to be so deeply inculcated by the experience of life as that you should never trust experts,” wrote Robert Cecil, the 3rd Marquess of Salisbury. “If you believe doctors, nothing is wholesome: if you believe the theologians, nothing is innocent: if you believe the soldiers, nothing is safe.”

And when we put the central planners in charge, then all we are left with is Currencies and Fraternities!

Liberty, then, while cheap, will no longer be free.