God Pees on Liberal Media and Tells Them It’s Just a Tea Party

Posted: May 16, 2013 12:01 AM

For those of you who hate the Tea Party, I have a one word reply to you: Ha!

Because they were right, and you were very, very wrong

They were right about the IRS, right about Boston, right about Benghazi.  

They were right about Eric Holder and the threat that our top law enforcement officer posed to the Bill of Rights; they were right about Obama and his smarmy, made-up, intellectual know-it-all-ism; they were right about the press being active advocates for partisan purposes while ignoring Obama’s smarmy, made-up, intellectual know-it-all-ism; they were right about the GOP being wrong on taxes and spending; they were right on Obamacare and Mitt Romney and the constitutional limits of government, as well as the limits placed on government by natural law. 

And they were right about Sarah Palin, ringing her bells and warning the liberals that we were gonna be free and we were gonna be armed.

And they were right about Glenn Beck, who’s been right about almost everything it seems.    

And they are right about this too: If the GOP ever wants to win again, they should bet on the Tea Party, rather than excoriate them.

They were right and liberals were wrong.

Get over it.

About the only good thing to happen since Obama was elected president was the spontaneous, righteous and healthy formation of citizens’ groups that make up the Tea Party, the best organization without any organization to come around since the Great Awakening.

Without the Tea Party, 2010 would have been just another mid-term muff by the GOP.     

So count me as thrilled that God has proved that He has such a great sense of humor that he pees on liberals and then tells them that it’s just a Tea Party.

This is especially true when it comes at the expense of folks like metro-sophisticates Senator John McCain, former Senator Dick Lugar, who was done in by the Tea Party, and Slate.com.

Slate, with comedic timing that could have only been provided by the “One,” penned an article in March titled The Tea Party Caucus is Dead and That's OK.

“Nationally, the Tea Party flag is so tattered that it's not in a Republican's interest to maintain it,” wrote Slate.  

That’s what happens when liberals put their faith in the fake “One” as if he’s he’s the real “One” because his press clippings and bumper stickers tell them he is. One day they end up really, really, really wrong, even if they happened to be a hallowed member of the press- hollowed now because of the halo they bestowed on the One back then.

I guess freedom of the press included the press freedom to obfuscate for and excuse Obama and Holder while the administration was suppressing those other parts of the First Amendment that apparently has nothing to do with the press at all: freedom of religion, freedom of speech, the right of the people peaceably to assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.   

And because the Tea Party was right about so many things, from the IRS to Benghazi to Eric Holder, they’re back, even the though Republican officials and liberals- sometimes the same thing- will be less than pleased about the Tea Party resurrection.  

Ah, and just when the GOP was making plans to do without the grassroots, it turns out that maybe, just maybe, the GOP has a chance to win again.

Quick question: Would the RNC prefer to win with the help of the Tea Party or lose and exclude them?      

It’s important question.  The Tea Party, unlike the GOP, Barack Obama and John McCain, at least has a clear understanding of what they are in the American political spectrum. 

Without the grinding, and the hustle and the sacrifice of the Tea Party, the GOP might just be progressive-lite.  And many of us have a suspicion that many them in the GOP- and yes I’m looking at you Ryan Call- would prefer to be progressive-lite because it would be so much easier to “message.” 

I proudly count myself amongst Tea Party types, even though I’m also a GOP-type too.

I guess to Senator John McCain, no fan of Tea Party types, or of the GOP, I’m kind of a Hobbit dressed in khaki pants and a blue blazer, who clings to quaint notions of the constitution, smaller government and a real contrast between the two political parties.

Although I don’t wear the blazer, I’m good with being a Hobbit who loves the GOP.  

And do you know why?

Because I’m right:  It turns out, just as I suspected, that the tingle running down Chris Matthew’s leg?

It was just tea after all.    

And yes: God is that funny.

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