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Obama’s Cool Wars Sponsored by Peaceniks and Social Justice Puppeteers

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Attention peaceniks, social justice puppeteers, Occupy Wall Streeters and other hypocrites on the Left who cried for peace, peace under Bush: After three and a half years, there is no peace.

Your support of Obama has gotten you only war.

And you can imagine that another Obama term might mark the end of war; but I can tell you that it is just the beginning of the reckoning.

At home, expect the “Obama Cool” civil war that pits women against men, industry against workers and denies the dignity of life, labor and the pursuit property to continue. Those wars are probably OK with you, because the only wars that you seem to oppose are those where actual killing and death is taking place- like say, when terrorists storm American territory and kill embassy staff. And in those wars, you only oppose them if the wrong people are getting killed.

Apparently America citizens are the right kind of victims for you.

Imagine how great it would be if the embassy contained bankers and CEOs? Or imagine if it contained priests who have the temerity to speak about morality in the public square.

“Imagine,” asked John Lennon, “that there was no more religion, no more country, no more politics [this] is virtually the Communist Manifesto.”

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The word Communism made him, like you, a tad uncomfortable.

So the man who helped George Harrison write the song Taxman in protest of the 95 percent socialist super tax on the rich in Britain, he settled for a “nice socialism. A British Socialism,” before he immigrated to the United States in 1976: “All I am saying,” he might have added as he left the UK, “is that I want to give profits a chance.”

And don’t imagine the Obama’s Cool War to end just here at home .

The war at home is just the beginning of the reckoning. 

The other war is the worldwide currency war.

This too will end in no good.

Central banks around the world are competing to debase their currencies in order to provide a Potemkin Village economy that’s empty behind the façade.

Here at home QE4ever! is a Machiavellian attempt at making the economy look like it’s growing without all the messy things that come along with growth, like jobs, rising income, funded schools, a reduced budget deficit at your kitchen table while you do something Obama’s never done: follow a budget. 

And the problem here is that while the US follows a deliberate policy of driving down the value of the dollar, things like food become more expensive even for peaceniks like you. In order to compete, other countries devalue their own currencies and so the US has to devalue its currency, leading to, say, food to become more expensive.

How did it all end the last time it happened?

World War II.

Going hungry has a way of making people pretty ornery.

This leads us to the topic of a gun-toting, bullet shooting real war. Or two.

While people are busy wondering if Obama has lost us the whole Middle East and whether Israel and Iran will engage in a shooting war after the administration Muniched Israel, I’m wondering when people will realize that Obama may lose all of Europe- or at least most of it.

It’s a curiosity to me that at the exact moment that Europe is disintegrating that you and Obama would be arguing for the exact same policies that have driven the Eurozone to the extremity of bankruptcy, civil disorder and economic collapse.

Going hungry has a way of making people pretty ornery.

Where could it all lead?


Maybe not today, or even during another Obama term.

But the policies followed by your savior are meant to kindle fire upon earth- and he wished it were already accomplished.

And while your words on peace remain soft as butter, there is only war that is in your hearts. 

Don’t you feel cool, now?   

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