Jay Carney, White House Press Jester and His Pack of Fools

Posted: Aug 31, 2012 12:01 AM

Obama promises that finally, the secret that all America has been waiting for from the White House will be released shortly.

“It will be out soon,” Today.com quotes the president as promising this week in a chat session on Reddit.

No, it’s not the Fast and Furious documents.

No, it’s not Obama’s college transcripts.

Nor even a federal budget that might garner, say, one (1) vote in either chamber of Congress.

No; instead the president continues to treat the country to a reality tour that trivializes the presidency, cheapens the office and makes the White House, perhaps, the most overvalued home since the Obamas’ shady real estate deal with convicted influence peddler Tony Rezko.

“I can tell you from first hand experience, it is tasty,” explained president Irrelevant about the secret documents.

You see, president Distraction’s folks have launched a petition for the White House to release the national beer recipe.


Jay Carney, the White House Press Jester has tweeted about it- all while being paid by your tax dollars.

Gee, I wonder just why that economic plan isn’t working?

Yes; THAT plan.

The plan with the motto: “Jobs? Jobs? Let them drink beer.”

The petition, which really and truly is hosted on the White House web site, needs 25,000 signatures to go public. So far, 11,860 people have signed the petition. The signature requires you to give the WhiteHouse.gov your first and last name, your email and your zip code.

The president does promise that he “will not disclose, sell, rent, or exchange the email address you use to create your account to individuals or organizations outside the Executive Office of the President.”

Well thank goodness for that.

Hey wait: Define “outside the Executive Office of the President.”

Nothing says transparency like the light amber bubbles of a White House Honey Ale.

This explains the unexplainable award the White House got two years ago for transparency, the ceremony for which the press was not invited.

The award was for a secret, White House lite beer.

Here’s an item the clowns in the White House might have missed while they were clowning around for the Cooking Channel:

Unemployment claims still are hovering in recession territory at 374,000 new initial claims for the week, while last week‘s claims were once again revised upward.

And the sucking sound you hear in the economy is largely due to POLITICAL problems not economic ones.

It’s really impossible to overstate the responsibility the carnies (pun intended) in the White House share for the poor performance of the economy.

“When people get nervous about the macroeconomic environment, they slow down spending,” William Sullivan, president and chief executive officer of Agilent Technologies Inc. told Bloomberg.

“It’s not supply and demand. It’s not a normal recession,” Sullivan said on an August 15 earnings call, also per Bloomberg. “Given the issues of the euro and what’s going to happen and then you have this financial cliff in the U.S. in January, complete political disagreement in Washington, people are really nervous.”

Not a normal recession; an Obama recession. Nerves, disagreement, fiscal cliffs, all the stuff that a House of Horrors is made up of.  

“If somebody agreed tomorrow to say that Europe is going to do a euro bond and the U.S. was not going to have a financial cliff in January, you would have a different outlook,” Sullivan said. “It’s as simple as that.”

Nothing’s that simple while the Obama carnival occupies the White House.

Even the release of a beer recipe takes work. Of course, work without adding any jobs.

Because adding jobs would just be way too foolish for this pack of fools.