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Exposed: The Secret Plot by Writers to Take Over the World

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Mark4362 wrote: Gee John, wipe out private unions, then go after government workers on your way to a Thrifty Working Class. Work for less everyone, writers like Ransom love the master/indentured servant very much. You know, all this is bull. The private job market under Obama has already done better than under Bush. -Oops: Only Morality Stands in the Way of Public Unions and Our Money


Dear Comrade Mark,

Yes. We writers make TONS of money. They just shovel it at us. Because, you know, all of us writers are the Masters to all of you indentured servants.

The real indenture that holds you in thrall is not money; it’s the slavery of your ideas.

Let me tell you something, I admire money success as much as anyone, but I’m not enamored of it. Money is an obsession for liberals. To me, it’s just a tool.

I write for a living because that is what I love to do, money or no. And usually in the writer’s trade, it’s no.

But, I’m wealthy in the things that really count.

Liberals love to divide people up by income and gender and race and other demographics because they love division.

I won’t be divided. Sorry. Money up, money down doesn’t mean squat if you truly value what’s important.

You want to make money? There are plenty of jobs in sales that offer great income opportunities for people who want to work hard, regardless of their condition in life. 

America still is a land of opportunities. We just resent the hell out of guys like Obama who make those opportunities harder to come by because of his academic disdain for the real world.

As to Bush versus Obama in jobs: You don’t create a ton of jobs when you are at full employment.

You know who owns the record for the lowest unemployment since after the immediate post-war period? Bush.

You know who holds the record for the highest unemployment? Obama.

Peaceful wrote: Any fool can play with 'facts' as you...you're a perfect shill unlike most I've read and as arrogant as they come. Never has one been so FULL of it...except for Limbaugh, Savage & Coulter...only a fool believes there's just one side to an argument.- When an Insufferable Blowhard Runs Out of Money This is What it Looks Like


Dear Comrade Peaceful,

I find your name ironic, since most of what you say is fightin’ words.

But I will thank you for calling me perfect…oh and comparing me to Limbaugh, Savage and Coulter.

Seriously, those guys- and girl- are the top of the top of my profession. If I can make your blood pressure rise in the same way that they do, that’s a high compliment.

I would never tell you that there is only one side to any argument. There are actually three sides: Right, wrong and Liberal. That wrong and Liberal often go together is not coincidental.

Makir wrote: Your blather is nothing but a subterfuge for the plan for One World Order, used by your handlers, who you are a stenographer, to divert the brainwashed populace, controlled by the media/banking cartel since 1917,which is only a propaganda machine. - When an Insufferable Blowhard Runs Out of Money This is What it Looks Like

Dear Brother Makir,

Who told you?

That was supposed to be a secret held only by the Stonecutters of the World.

Even now, a man in a pin stripe suit, wearing a pince-nez in his right eye and smoking a cigarette in an ivory cigarette holder is dictating to me exactly what to write. Hey wait…don’t write part…you fool! [Diabolic laughter follows].

For more information on how you too can become part of the secret society bent on world domination, please see this informative educational video. Thank you.

And please: Eat some ribs today.

Wendal wrote: I can't wait for you to cry in your beer after election day. - The Last Ticket to Fantasyland Expires in Three Months


Dear Comrade Wendal,

I don’t cry over lost elections. And I don’t waste beer.

Freakin’ liberals: Screw up everything else, but leave beer out of it.

Vietnam Vet wrote: This article begins with a look at Romneycare ... but the context is all wrong. Should that not have been spelled 'Obamacare'? Did the author mis-speak, or did one of the helpers try to change his message? - The Last Ticket to Fantasyland Expires in Three Months

Dear Vet,

Thanks for your service to our country.

No, the article looks at how squishy Republicans like Romney often help advance liberal ideas, like universal healthcare. Don’t get me wrong. I prefer Romney to Obama. But I’m not going to give Romney a pass on Romneycare just because I want Obama out of office.

If Romney ends up doing any of those Massachusetts moderate moves in the White House- if elected- he’ll have more problems with Congress than Obama has.

Para wrote: Not enough Bull loney to be convincing. Write more pages till the confusion wins. GM posted quarterly profits of ~5.6% for the 2nd quarter. The economy stinks for everybody. Gas prices are hurting everybody. Obama policies are hurting everybody. You write that stuff yourself. Yet you chose to pick one company that, because it isn't bucking the trend, you opine will fail. Yet, they have booked profits every quarter since the bankruptcy.  Save us some time. Just write the next one with three words that sums it all up. Write, "I hate GM." That's the totality of what you got.- What Does the Next GM Bankruptcy Look Like


Dear Comrade Para,

Headline, Washington Post: General Motors 2Q profit falls 41 pct. on European losses; company promises to fix problems. I’m guessing that you are comparing 1st quarter to 2nd quarter when you assert profits are down 5.6 percent.

The proper comparison to make for an auto company is year over year. In other words, you compare this year’s 2nd quarter to last year’s 2nd quarter.

That’s because seasonal factors drive automotive sales. If you are gonna call BS on someone, you should at least get your own BS right.


So, if things are so rosy at GM, why are they promising to “fix problems”?

I don’t hate GM. I hate the fraud they enable. Bernie Madoff got 150 years for stealing $18 billion. Obama got a Nobel Prize for stealing $60 billion for the benefit of the UAW.   

Yeah, GM has posted profits, but that’s easy to do when you ignore your $25 billion unfunded pension liability. It’s easy to do when the federal government subsidizes 700,000 vehicle purchases to the tune of $24,000 per vehicle sold according to the trade site Edmunds.com.  It’s easy to do when you get extraordinary tax treatment of $18 billion from the federal government; I won’t even mention the cash gift they got from the Obama administration.  

Ok; there.

I mentioned it.

Donjindra wrote: I'm getting the impression "conservatives" want to see GM fail.- .- What Does the Next GM Bankruptcy Look Like

Dear Comrade Don,

There’s a difference between wanting something to fail and knowing it will.


The GM bailout has been an exercise in dishonesty and graft from the very beginning.

How can you expect a company that’s turned almost $100 billion into $32 billion in a year and a half to continue to operate successfully, especially as the economy goes back into the tank?

I don’t want it to fail. But to paraphrase Romney, Obama claims he saved the auto industry with federal money; in fact, all he did was ensure its demise over a longer period with greater losses to investors, taxpayers and workers.

AR wrote: Normally I ignore your babble but title caught my eye and I always find your thought process amusing, if infantile. You are even stupider than I thought possible. Read Six Degrees or anything scientific on the topic of global warming. Better yet go to a movie.- Be a Patriot: Expand Your Carbon Footprint Today

Dear Comrade AR,

You find my babble infantile? But the title caught your eye? Really?

Maybe next time I can include some pictures too to make the title more interesting for you. Just make sure that when you draw the mustache and devil horns on my picture that you keep the crayon inside the box. 

Have you ever written for a journal that publishes peer-reviewed scientific research? 

I have. They paid me monthly and everything.

Lois01 wrote: What is considered most patriotic? 1. Dodging taxes 2. Dodging drafts

3. Destroying US environment. - Be a Patriot: Expand Your Carbon Footprint Today

Dear Comrade 01,

What is considered most patriotic? 1) Dodging taxes? Are you referring to Tim Geithner or Tom Daschle? 2) Dodging drafts? Are you referring to Teddy Kennedy or Bill Clinton? 3) The US environment? Are you referring to Al Gore or Joy Behar.


Really, you need to be more specific.

I can answer honest questions. But I can’t read minds.

Mike wrote: [Ransom] is comparing apples to oranges. The savings of 18 million is dependent on how many people actually purchase ES appliances. If, say, only one person bought an appliance, then the ES cost savings would be very small, but what would that have to do with the cost of converting a house?­- Be a Patriot: Expand Your Carbon Footprint Today

Dear Comrade Mike,

OK. Let me redo the math for you.

The EPA says that average Energy Star compliant home costs about $4,000-$5,000. There also say that there are 1.2 million Energy Star compliant homes. That’s a total cost of about $4.8-$6 billion.

The EPA also claims that Energy Star homes have saved customers $350 million in utility bills since 1995, when the program presumably was introduced. That’s a savings of about $292 per home.

At $4,000 it would take 14 years - about the average life of an appliance- to recoup the cost, assuming that savings is yearly- which it’s not.

The math doesn’t add up. There is no benefit for the consumer.    

Alternately, you could put an additional $4,000 down on your mortgage and it would save you about $7,500 over the life of the loan.

Let’s call Energy Star compliance what it really is.

It’s an up-sell amenity marketed to people who are eco-fools; an amenity that expands profits for real estate contractors. And you know what? I’m fine with that.

Buyer beware.

Look, you want to save the environment? Then come up with solutions that make economic sense. This is what businesses do all day long. They figure out ways of saving money, increasing productivity and solving problems.


The motive is profit.

When the environmental industry takes care of that basic human impulse to make decisions that make economic sense, then you won‘t need government involvement to solve environmental problems.   

That’s it for this week,



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