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Liberals are Saving the Poor from the Back of a $7 Million Yacht

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Ericynot wrote: You really ought to know, especially if you don't like foreign aid in general, that Israel is by far the largest recipient of U.S. foreign aid. In 2010, the most recent year I checked, we gave them $3.175 billion in economic and military aid. That's more than $61,000,000 a week. When we're $16 trillion in the hole, are you OK with that?- As Predicted Democrats Abandoning Obama

Dear Comrade Y-

I’m ok with it.

You know how much a freakin’ aircraft carrier costs? A new Ford class carrier costs about $12-$14 billion and carries about 75 aircraft.

Israel however has about 400 combat aircraft, plus about 600,000 trained troops for ground combat operations. They are the best ally we have.

Who do you think really protects the oilfields in the Middle East?

Imagine a Middle East without Israel.

Oh, that’s right. You’re an Obama liberal. You’re not just imagining a Middle East without Israel, you’re working to bring it about.  

Ranuss wrote: Republicans should just shut up about it. Democrats might respond to having their noses rubbed in it by backing away and supporting Obama after all. If I was a democrat, I would push back if the opposition tried to use my comments on political position for political gain. Typical ignorance of the current GOP. - As Predicted Democrats Abandoning Obama

Dear Ranuss,

So you are thinking that the smart political move would be to NOT remind people at every opportunity that these 14 Democrats have turned on Obama; that we shouldn’t point out that this hurts his credibility; and that you fear that the other side will “push back?”

Yeah, that would be a shame. Then they’d have to try to have to explain themselves over and over again in the news media, with people reminded every time they speak of what they said previously to hurt Obama’s credibility.  

BTW, who’s ignorant in this equation? 

Roaqdlesstraveledby wrote: I am encouraged - this is refreshing - that even some Democrats are having the courage to stand up to this President. - As Predicted Democrats Abandoning Obama

Dear Roadless,

It’s not courage. It’s self-preservation. These are folks who want to preserve some political power.

They do it by playing to the peanut gallery.

You can be sure that if these folks thought it was good politics to support Obama’s attack on free markets, they’d be doing it.

I think what you are seeing is people in the Clinton wing and Obama wing of the Democrat party starting to square off for a division after a presumed Obama defeat.

The Clintons would love to send Obama packing.  

GaryPatriot wrote: What a pile of cow chips! Instead, let's get everyone all worked up about the high gas prices! Oooops, Sorry! That was last month's "fear and smear' hatred of Obama by your puppetmasters. How soon the puppets forget that they are being jerked around.

Dear Comrade Gary,

People get worked about high gas prices because…um…it costs more.

We actually don’t need a puppet master to remind us that it sucks to pay more for gas at the pump.

There is this invention called Economics.

It’s all about money and society and stuff.

So, anywho, in economics the theory goes that when you spend more money on energy, you have less money for other important things like, say, food, or housing, or life-saving medicine, or schools, or poker games.

This hits poor people and the middle class especially hard.

Reminder: The poor and middle class are the ones that liberals like John Kerry get all misty eyed about from the back of their new $7 million, 76 foot yacht that they dock out-of-state to avoid paying $500,000 in taxes.

Reporting. For. Duty.   

BTW, which side exactly has the puppet master?       

Idopas- Voice from the UK wrote: You John, as usual with most of you geographically shallow right of centre people, title your article as "Euro Zone", then proceed to talk about Europe, which is NOT the Euro Zone as most of us are not in the Euro, then go further and label all Europe socialist, when Europe is a collection of countries with their own political systems. It may have escaped your blinkers but my country has a Tory government, look close to home John, YOU have the socialist president. -We Got Your Euro Zone President Right Here

Dear Comrade Idopas,

This is an American publication, for Americans, by Americans. And if’n we want to confuse Azerbaijan with Armenia, we will do it, by Ginger. That won’t stop us from putting a Cruise missile within 9 feet of targeted GPS coordinates anywhere in the world no matter how you spell it, smart guy.

Twice in the last 250 years you guys in the UK- or whatever you call it this decade- had the greatest empire known to man. Both times you blew it.

Way to go.

Plus you guys still have a queen. So don’t even start with us.  

And by the way, if you knew me, you’d not say that I’m geographically shallow. My geography is more on the deep, hilly side.

Marie150 wrote: Camelot is a very silly place. - Obama’s Campaign about Nothing

Dear Marie,

A better epitaph could not be written for the Democrats under Obama.

Truth001 wrote: As for the Budget your 1000 day number makes for good politics but is bogus. There have been budgets past each year, but none address the Debt until the deal in August 2011 and this really doesn't address debt until the end of 2012. The long pole in the tent is how to pay down the debt. Do we increase taxes or cut programs or both. It is my opinion to put a dent in the debt we are going to have to do both. The Bush Tax cuts are not sustainable no matter who is president. - Obama’s Campaign about Nothing

Dear Comrade Pravda,

There are two problems.

The first is that as a percentage of GDP government spending is outpacing even the top years of the New Deal. It even out paces all but two years of World War II.

That’s the crisis.

We can’t sustain those types of government expenditures, especially because, hey guess what? The economy still sucks, even though we used more government spending in the last ten years than during ten years of the New Deal.

But here’s why Obama really deserves the boot: You wanna tax the rich?

Fine. Go ahead. Campaign to get the votes to do that if you can.

But in order for that policy to work you need to have rich people and plenty of them.

Under Obama, taxing the rich won’t work because fewer people have been and will be rich to begin with.

Just as Obama, for some unaccountable reason, wants to gasoline to be scarcer, even though cheap energy is the lifeblood of any economy, so too is he following a policy that’s making millionaires scarcer at a time when he wants the economy to depend on more millionaires.

Another triumph of Obamanomics, the audacity of an idiot.          

Ideaminer wrote: I don't know what to think anymore. Libertarians and Constitutionalists have been trying for 30+ years to get people to look at where the road we're on is taking us, instead of being distracted by the scenery and fighting over who's driving. And now that the cliff is coming into view, more and more of the pundits (especially from the right) who marginalized these modern day Paul Revere's as tin-foil hat wearing loonies are franatically issuing the same warning. For the pundit class, whose words direct the flow of American political thought, if a concern didn't come with an R or D attached, it simply wasn't legitmate. Refusing to listen to any voice but their own, they've provided the rationalizations that have kept us on the wrong road.- Obama as a God, not the God

Dear Ideaminer,

Yeah, but running out of money has a way of making people wake up to reality.

Segment dedicated to the best of Golferdude:

Golferdude wrote: Liberals didn't like the expansion in Afghanistan, Guantanamo Bay still in operation, Bush and Cheney still walking around free, the stimulus being far too small and no public option for Health Care. He caved on the Bush tax cuts and Wall Street regulations. If you think the liberals are in love with Barack Obama you don't know much about liberals.

Comment: And that’s why he’s been such a terrible president. He’s alienated his base and his opponents while accomplishing nothing of substance.   

Golferdude wrote: A mind is a terrible thing to waste. In the hands of a tea partier, it's just a terrible thing.

Comment: Wow. How original. Maybe you can put that on a t-shirt.

Golferdude wrote: Work on your reading comprehension Shoob. You just might be able to avoid making a complete A$$ of yourself.

Comment: Hey Shub? I wouldn’t listen to GD. It’s apparent that his advice isn’t working for himself.   

Golferdude wrote: Tax the churches and stop subsidizing their activities. Churches need to be taxed just like any other for profit theater group.

Comments: Keep it up. You’re winning us the election with the attacks on churches.  

Golferdude wrote: It isn't your political views that are detestable. It's your hateful, mean, evil disagreeable uncivil manner. I can't imagine that any Christian I know would ever look at your writings and guess that you claim to share their faith.

Comments: Wait a second: I thought that religions were just “for profit theater groups.” Now you say that there is actual redeeming faith involved?

Darenda wrote: John, you are quickly becoming one of my favorite writers. You have a real gift for overstating the obvious.- Stupidity Laws Could Have Stopped Obama

Dear Darenda,

Thanks. I think.

Ericynot wrote: Jesus healed the centurion's slave. Jesus was a healer, not a warrior.

BTW, there are many who believe the centurion and the servant were same-sex lovers. - Stupidity Laws Could Have Stopped Obama

Dear Comrade Eric,

Yeah and Abraham Lincoln was the first gay president. Give it a rest.

As Freud said, possibly apocryphally: “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.”

Walt842 wrote: John...when you make a statement that is clearly WRONG (or should I call it a LIE?), such as: "Or how about the TARP bailout that the government’s own Inspector General estimates will cost taxpayers $60 billion in losses?

TARP was signed by President GW Bush in October 2008-BEFORE the election. BUT, you blame it on President Obama. How can we take anything else in the story to be factual? - Stupidity Laws Could Have Stopped Obama

Dear Comrade Walt,

Bush didn’t forgive the companies’ $60 billion in losses to taxpayers.

Obama did that.

Just Obama.

You can stop blaming Bush.


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