Email, Hate Mail and Comments from Readers

Posted: Dec 18, 2011 1:06 AM

Lonesome Polecat wrote: You should not wonder into areas where your intellect is dwarfed. Hitchens has you beat hands down even before you start your twisted logic attempt at ad hominem. Understand, that I like you and you do think cogently at times. But you are out of your league here. Back up, believe what you want, and quite trying to intellectually skunk those who do not.- in response to Hitchens Was Not Great

Dear Lonesome,

Typically I correct for grammar, spelling, etc. But in your case I made an exception.

An ad hominem attack would be if I called Hitchens an idiot, or a drunk, or a Godless jerk, or implied anything insulting about him, like perhaps his intellect isn’t up to snuff.

I did none of that. You should probably look up ad hominem.   

I simply said that arguing for disbelief takes at least the same amount of faith as believing does while leaving us with a morally inferior position.

Tell us please, Polecat, with your superior intellect, how to separate morality from God.

JustMCMC wrote: Ironically, there is a SUPERB South Park multi-part episode that seems to have a better grasp of the illusory false religion of science than Mr. Ransom. And Mr. Ransom has taken a pot shot at South Park, which show a better grasp of the point he wants to make than Mr. Ransom himself. - in response to Hitchens Was Not Great

Dear Just,

I think South Park is hilarious. I love South Park. But it’s like chocolate cake in the sense that the humor is mostly empty calories. I say that because the guys at South Park don’t believe in anything- they just go for the gag and shock value.

That’s easy and it’s kind of cheap.

I subscribe to Mark Twain’s theory of humor: “Humor must not professedly teach, and it must not professedly preach, but it must do both if it would live forever.”

South Park does neither.

IllinoisRoy wrote: You are mixing up Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle with the Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics. All the Uncertainty Principle states is that an electron for instance doesn't have a well defined position and well defined momentum simultaneously. - in response to Hitchens Was Not Great

Dear Illinois,

You’re probably right that. But my understanding is that the Uncertainty Principle was part of the Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics and lead to the theory that everything is only a probability until observed. Tell me where I am wrong. I’m not a physicist- amateur or professional. .

Kerry wrote: Have you all seen the latest Phil Jones emails that prove the US government actually helped cover up data showing global warming was NOT happening? It's all there-more lies-lots of them from the totally dishonest (never to be trusted again) global warmers. - in response to Watch Out! Polar Bear Cannibalism Rises on Global Warming!

Dear Kerry,

I did see those.

And if I were a global warming person, I’d be outraged by the deception. That’s my biggest problem with the global warming religion. They don’t want to police their own.

Journalists come up with these stupid stories that blame “polar bear cannibalism,” the drought in Texas, hurricanes, the spread of AIDS, on global warming- simply for propaganda purposes with little or no science to back it up- and the left remains silent.

I’m religious and I resent the televangelist who fleeces old women out of money by preaching that “her donation will help her join God’s army,” and other such nonsense.

Were it up to me, all the Jim and Tammy Bakers would get the heave ho.  

But the left seems perfectly willing to let their charlatans parade their opinions as science. In fact it seems a major portion of the time and money the left devotes to organizing is in giving their charlatans an outlet.  

In Al Gore’s case they gave him a Nobel Prize for telling us that Hurricane Katrina was the result of global warming. 

They are willing to let facts be manipulated, poor science to go un-rebuked and inflammatory articles be written that undermine their credibility.

If the science was so stout, it could stand on it’s own without the participation of the hucksters.

Michael Bowler wrote: Funny, John. Reverse Vampires? WTF? - in response to Watch Out! Polar Bear Cannibalism Rises on Global Warming!

Dear Michael,

You had to see the Simpson’s episode referenced in the column.

Quiet Reason wrote: Ransom wants to argue Global Warming at the Margins, the impacts that are least understood. Where does he stand on the main theory? Let him be clear on where he stands and then let's debate from there. - in response to Watch Out! Polar Bear Cannibalism Rises on Global Warming!

Dear Quiet,

Hurricanes, droughts and polar bears aren’t the margins. They, instead, are the effects that global warming advocates are arguing as proofs that catastrophic doom awaits us because of global warming.

What I think doesn’t matter. What’s important are the facts.

Has the earth warmed? Yes.

Is due to human influence and is it permanent? That’s not clear.

What are the consequences of the earth warming? No one knows, and the few shots that models have taken so far, have been off by quite a bit.

Weather forecasters have a hard time forecasting weather accurately three or four months out with the known science, yet alone modeling the guesses, assumptions and half-informed truths that are required to model climate change on global scale for the next century.

We’ve lived with so-called global warming theory for close to a quarter of a century and as of yet we have seen no discernable changes that can be traced with certainty to global warming. Call me a skeptic.

In the meantime, you have Al Gore running around the world saying that the drought in Texas is more work of global warming. Since scientists say that the effects of global warming have been negligible on the drought in Texas, I’m expecting any minute that the Nobel Committee will order up another prize for him.

The real question is that if you are certain that global warming is real, why do you put up with faux experts like Al Gore or the polar bear scientist who both make you all look silly?

Inthemajority wrote: Whatever you do, do not trust anyone who researches and understands a topic more than most, especially if it deals with science. You must reply on TH and Fox for your science. And if you happen so see an article that contains a small tidbit that fits your agenda, be sure to direct the reader to the one portion of that site that suits you, and pretend that all other scholarly work on that site is rubbish. - in response to Watch Out! Polar Bear Cannibalism Rises on Global Warming!

Dear Whatever-

Thanks for the tips.

“No lesson seems to be so deeply inculcated by the experience of life as that you should never trust experts. If you believe doctors, nothing is wholesome: if you believe the theologians, nothing is innocent: if you believe the soldiers, nothing is safe. They all require their strong wine diluted by a very large admixture of insipid common sense.”- Robert Gascoyne-Cecil, 3rd Marquess of Salisbury.

You seem to need the experts to know what to think. Cecil and I don’t. We only use them as need be for reference.

Ted wrote: Human produced greenhouse gases cause global warming.

The science is settled. A consensus has been reached. The science community never reached consensus on whether increased or more powerful hurricanes would be a side affect of global warming. - in response to Watch Out! Polar Bear Cannibalism Rises on Global Warming!

Dear Ted,

Your argument, I suppose depends, like Bill Clinton’s dates do, on the definition of the word “consensus.”

Anonymous wrote: You sad, pathetic man--who brought us to the housing crisis?? It was Dubya and his warring tactics in Iran and Afghanistan plus his ability to stay in the back pockets of his wealthy benefactors. Our President was right--the bankers actions were not illegal, but they were unethical and suffer from one of the seven deadly sins---greed. And, more importantly, regulation of the industry is necessary--we cannot expect everyone to do the right thing. I do not know why you are against our President--I think he's doing the best job he can given the situation the Republicans dumped on him.

Dear Anonymous,

Does Michelle know you are running your campaign speeches by me?

Thanks. That’s it for this week.

Oh: Late Christmas party, wife went to sleep…very little editing here. Live with it. My army of copy editors can send me egregious errors via email and I’ll fix them in the morning.

Love to you all, especially Quiet. And I really, really mean that.