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Protest This: Occupy Whatever and ACORN Search for a Few Fools

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In their stunning off-off Broadway debut, Occupy Whatever sure created a lot of mass- as in trash.

30 tons in LA, and more in New York City.

And that’s just the trash they left behind, not the weight of the newsprint wasted on unsuccessfully explaining a movement to the American people that either absolutely had a definite platform or didn’t depending on the day, the hour, the park and the spokestree making the statement on behalf of Occupy Something.  

But the Movement without a Cause isn’t quite dead yet- in fact it might be feeling much better now that they’ve taken on even more trash.

And soon they’ll be at your house, whether you invited them or not.

See, they have a few nuts to plant in your front yard, as in ACORNs.

But careful: That’s not a fish they are dumping in that hole with the acorns.

You remember ACORN, the Association of Community Organizers, also known as Obama’s mothership?

After being busted for voter fraud, they’ve retooled with big money from unions to call themselves New York Communities for Change (NYCC).

Apparently they thought that New York Communities for Hope and Change would be a little too obvious, huh?

Well they connected with the Occupy crowd during the late unpleasantness down on Wall Street. According to FoxNews, NYCC even paid protestors to expand the Occupy numbers in NYC.

From Fox News:

“FoxNews.com’s report identified NYCC as a key organizing force behind the Occupy Wall Street protests. Sources within the group also told FoxNews.com NYCC was hiring people to carry signs and join the protests. NYCC -- a nonprofit organization run almost entirely by former ACORN officials and employees --did not reply for comment prior to the publication of the initial article, but later posted a statement on its website dismissing the article and denying that it pays protesters.”

In another futile attempt to explain the late-1960s to an America that would prefer to remember the late 1990s, the people who thought up the idea of recreating the riots during the 1968 Democrat convention in Chicago, as a way of introducing Obama to America, have combined with the Occupy movement into a new movement… Occupy Our Homes.

This is what? The 10th reinvention of Occupy Something in search of a message?  

Memo to Hipster Beatniks: What do you think the rest of us have been doing while you were living in a park?

We have been occupying our homes; you know? Paying rent, mortgages, etc.

I know you left the cell phone behind when the police tossed you out, but come on. Can’t your parents buy you a new one? It’s a good way of staying in touch when you aren’t part of a drum circle.

“Backed by hundreds of thousands of dollars in union donations, New York Communities for Change” reported the New York Post, “a rebranded version of the controversial organization [ACORN] that closed up shop amid several scandals -- is acting again as labor's attack dog on controversial issues.”

Having swung and missed PR-wise on compensation for teachers, the bailouts for automakers, green jobs, the XL pipeline delay, the Obama-as-Savior story, Big Labor’s new buzz words ala ACOR, err, NYCC, are: “fraudulent foreclosure.”

"The Occupy Wall Street movement and brave homeowners around the country are coming together to say, 'Enough is enough,'" said an Occupy Our Homes press release according to CNN. "We, the 99%, are standing up to Wall Street banks and demanding they negotiate with homeowners instead of fraudulently foreclosing on them."

Certainly ACOR, err, NYCC and Occupy would know something about fraud.   

Combined under the banner of one organization, these two very strange, apparently soapless organizations, might be about the only combination in America that can create actual outpouring of sympathy for bankers.

That’s why I enthusiastically support getting them in front of as many voters as the GOP can possibly find between now and election-day.

If NYCC will pay the protestors, then the GOP should provide the buses.

Because the best four-letter word to describe them is: nuts.  


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