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Neutering The CIA: The Book On The Police State And Government Weaponization

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Neutering The CIA is the seminal work on federal government weaponization. It’s a book that should be in the hands of every policymaker who is working towards the depoliticization of our federal institutions. And, it clearly exposes the real reasons for, and methods behind, the persecution of former President Donald Trump by the CIA, FBI, and the wider Intelligence Community (IC).  


Though Neutering The CIA isn’t a book about Donald Trump, it is an exposé on exactly how and why the IC turned on him like a rabid dog — which now lies dormant, ready for activation against anyone not friendly to a radicalized, liberal agenda. 

Nestled comfortably in the shadows, a new variety of deep state inhabits the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) offices of every major component of the IC. Gentry, with clinical precision, identifies the pivotal role Obama played as the architect of what now infests our institutions, a thoroughly marxian mindset actioned by DEI programs. 

John A. Gentry, a CIA analyst for over a decade, and currently an adjunct professor at Georgetown University, has created a work that is analytical, scholarly, fully researched, and imbued with wisdom that only comes from long and intimate experience inside the hushed halls of the IC. Moreover, he’s accomplished this in an accessible way, easily understood by the IC professional, congressional policy maker, or the concerned citizen. 

From the very beginning, the reader is buoyed along, as if taking refreshing, deep draughts from a glassy spring, impelled from topic to topic by an unalloyed truthfulness, simplicity, and directness. It’s a restorative emulsion which counters so much of the dank and cynical propaganda on this subject. Neutering The CIA is a pleasure to read.  


In this book, there’s no sloganeering about abolishing institutions or pandering to the lowest common denominator. Mr. Gentry is a serious man with real solutions, and the real world experience to propound initiatives that work when applied to complicated, territorial, and self-interested bureaucracies. 

Much of what we’ve been hearing in public discourse, especially on spurious social media accounts, or via gouts of rage-maniac podcast streams are the emotive rants of relative simpletons. Mr. Gentry’s Neutering The CIA makes the spasmodic, rhetorical gesticulations of “abolish the FBI” salesmen look like the Crayola scribblings of a preschooler. 

Gentry takes on the problems at CIA, FBI, and the wider IC with the precision of a brain surgeon, excising and dissecting the malignancy of both liberal doctrine and right wing sham artists. It’s not just the incursions of DEI policy we have to combat, but also the blunderings of some in the conservative camp who feed Soviet action programs that still maintain a ghostly presence within the Russian intelligence apparatus. 

When asked about which adversary currently poses the greatest threat, Gentry told Townhall, “It’s the Soviet Union, and I’m not misspeaking here…I know the Soviet Union disappeared in the 1990’s but the KGB had a long program underway of active measures starting in about 1960, and the intent was to generate the internal disintegration, the destruction of the United States…they institutionalized some of these activities and they are still in effect now. The Russians have continued that…the SVR in the 1990’s, Putin has his own variant of that…the Soviets are a much underestimated influence on the United States at the moment.”


So, when public discourse is tainted by elements which agitate for polices destructive of our ability to combat Russian or Chinese intelligence threats, you have to wonder which side they’re really on. Of course, chanting “Control-Alt-Delete the FBI,” or asserting that the IC is fundamentally evil, may be the product of many factors like naiveté, greed, or bitterness at perceived injustice. However, the end results are a net gain for our adversaries. As such, it’s ripe fruit for manipulation and amplification by Soviet style active measures. Anyone involved in this needs to do some serious soul searching and should be stripped of the title “patriot,” or “whistleblower.”

Our institutional problems run deep, and run concomitantly with darkly roiling undercurrents that are subject to manipulation and incorporation into an increasingly gullible public psyche. At most IC institutions, culture is, in large part, a function of leadership. Just as American culture is driven by those who are viewed as influencers. We’re highly susceptible to suggestion, especially as the analytic and critical aspects of higher education are eradicated in favor of the collectivist virtues of servility and quiescence. 

Our federal institutions have been and are being staffed with men and women inculcated with the collectivist Beatitudes through aggressive DEI program implementation.  


Gentry expertly identifies societal changes that lie at the heart of the politicization problem, telling Townhall, “I’ve been looking in the last couple of years a lot at the residual effects of Soviet active measures…and I think they’ve been enormously successful. In particular on universities, so the universities have been moving large numbers of graduates in their [marxist] direction. So, I think there has been a general societal change, and you see this in LGBT activism…but, that said, there would have been opportunities for leaders to say, I got your views, but you keep them at home just as I was told in the 80’s…particularly in the Obama years…leadership, management was pushing in the same direction as over-all societal changes.” 

In the end, Gentry’s analysis of solutions is characteristically thorough and complete. In brief, Neutering The CIA proposes leadership change, greater scrutiny of policy and procedures, ending life long security clearances for retired senior executives, and dismantling the DEI practices which channel radicalized employees into the IC. Gentry also identifies areas for further study and analysis which should lead any policymaker to a complete and thorough strategy for reform. 

Neutering The CIA is the only serious work on the subject matter of IC politicization with real scale and breadth. Gentry’s work is as important as Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago, and is capable of toppling the weaponization behemoth. 


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