Four more years

Posted: Dec 30, 2004 12:00 AM

Thanks to the hundreds of readers from across the country who submitted New Year's resolutions on behalf of the president of the United States.

Since 2005 is the official start of George W. Bush's final term in office, we had suggested this year's batch of resolutions pertain to the next four years - whether surrounding the U.S. war in Iraq, the hunt for Osama bin Laden, Social Security reform or dealing with Democrats.

Here, then, are just a few of the resolutions forwarded to The Beltway Beat:

"I, George W. Bush, resolve to veto just one bloated spending bill." - Doug Barnes, Sioux Falls, S.D.

"I, President Bush, resolve to veto something." - Joe Tully, Pennington, N.J.

"I, George W. Bush, resolve to continue doing what's right for the country, to include backing Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, and ignore the windbag political opportunists in both parties." - G.L. Gunderman, U.S. Army Retired, Florence, Ala.

"I, President Bush, firmly resolve to hang tough and enact real Social Security reform before the end of my administration." - John Casteel, Traverse City, Mich.

"I, George W. Bush, resolve to stop using the 'Dan Rather fact-checker' on future Cabinet members during their vetting process." - Lester Berry, Voorhees, N.J.

"I, President Bush, resolve that Terry McAuliffe stay on as Democratic National Committee chairman. His leadership and personality have proven to be the best thing that ever happened to the Republican National Committee." - Dr. Bob Dyer, Virginia Beach, Va.

"I, George W. Bush, resolve not to misunderestimate the 44 Democrats in the U.S. Senate." - Ryan J. Baker, Atlanta, Ga.

"I, George W. Bush, resolve to protect our borders, using U.S. troops on the southern border." - Ray Gordon, Baltimore, Md.

"I, President Bush, acknowledge that my present efforts lack cohesiveness, and I resolve to stop the flow of illegal immigrants across our borders by synchronizing the work of the Immigration and Naturalization Service, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Defense and the U.S. Customs Service." - Cara Lyons Lege, Frisco, Texas.

"I, George W. Bush, resolve to publicize the fact that the First Amendment to our Constitution forbids Congress, and only Congress, from making a law establishing a religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. It does not prohibit prayers in schools or anywhere else. It does not prohibit the mention of God. It does not prohibit nativity scenes. It doesn't do anything but forbid Congress to interfere in religion in any way." - Richard Emlin Reed, Port Charlotte, Fla.

"I, President Bush, resolve to educate other Americans that 23-year-olds today, according to Democratic figures, will never see a penny of Social Security without reform. A personal social savings account will guarantee that a portion of the Social Security tax they pay will be there when do reach Social Security age." - Charlie Bretz, Nashville, Tenn.

"I, George W. Bush, president of the United States, do resolve that during the early part of 2005 I will advocate, encourage and insist upon a more realistic management of our borders and upon improving the surveillance of illegal immigrants already within those borders, in order to assure that terrorist attacks, if any, would originate from without instead of within our nation." - Jack Dorwin, Livingston, Texas

"I, President Bush, resolve to send the ACLU to France and make France keep them." - Tom Camp, Shelby N.C.

"I, President Bush, resolve to make the tax code better, taxes lower and more fair for all." - Betty Bliss, Melbourne, Fla.

"I, President George W. Bush, hereby resolve for 2005 to remind the Democrat Party that they are no longer in charge of the federal government and that 'bipartisanship' means reaching out by Democrats to Republicans and not just Republicans reaching out to Democrats. It means working as a team and not as two seperate parties." - Bob Rudeseal, Denver.

"I, George W. Bush, resolve to develop the . . . spine to actually promote the ideals that I've run on twice, instead of compromising with or buckling under to the Ted Kennedys and Tom Daschles of the world." - Jeff Fishbein, Selinsgrove, Pa.

"I, President Bush, resolve to continue to fight for America and Americans, despite vilification, in the face of hysterical liberal ideological opposition, against hate-filled international criticism, and, most importantly, for the long-term posterity of this noble experiment, instead of personal short-term presidential legacies." - Jeffrey R. Riley, Arlington, Va.

"I, George W. Bush, resolve to end the practice of congressmen adding spending bills in our budget that fund projects in their states . . . . It's our money not theirs." - Robert Miecznikowski, Waterloo, Iowa

"I, George W. Bush, will stop spending like a drunken sailor on leave and therefore not participate in the bankrupting of America by the U.S. Congress." - Michael Curran, Aliso Viejo, Calif.

"I, President Bush, will eliminate pork-barrel spending. Our leaders, both Republican and Democrat, attached almost 11,000 of their personal spending projects to appropriations bills this year while whining about the deficit." - George Hansson, West Caldwell, N.J.

"I, George W. Bush, will not start another ill-conceived pre-emptive war . . . . I will spend my time working to cut taxes, reduce spending, shrink government and extricate U.S. forces from Iraq and other foreign-basing assignments." - Mark Stromberg, Sacramento, California

"If they shoot at us from a mosque, destroy the mosque in self-defense. If they are in this country illegally, imprison or deport them and prevent their re-entry. By whatever means necessary, within the bounds of righteousness, get men of honor and character elected to the bench to protect and defend our constitutional rights as defined by the 18th century men who penned them and sacrificed their lives for them - not as defined by the 21st century power-grabbers who seek to dole them out to us in the way most advantageous to themselves." - Steve Bookout, Sherman, Texas

"We need to pull out of the United Nations (while still supporting the World Health Organization and similar groups), kick them out of New York, and put up a Starbucks, a Wal-Mart and a McDonald's in its place." - Andrew Tremel, Pittsburgh, Pa.

"I, George W. Bush, resolve to ignore the incessant negative yapping of the political and media ankle-biters while following the course I believe best for America." - Robert Johns, Farmington, Conn.

"I, George W. Bush, do hereby resolve to continue intentionally mispronouncing the word, 'nucular.' It drives them so nuts." - Deane Fish, Altamont, N.Y.

"I, President Bush, resolve to 'close the bank.' Let other countries fend for themselves." - Maggie D. Cashion, Front Royal, Va.

"I, George W. Bush, resolve to stay resolute in what I believe in." - Bob Jacobsen, Berkeley, Calif.

"I, President Bush, campaigned and won re-election based on being who and what I am. I resolve to not let my political enemies (or friends) convince me to change my identity for apparent short-term political advantage." - David C. Boyce, Jacksonville, Fla.

"I, George W. Bush, resolve to implement a fully government-funded $100 billion dollar amnesty program for Blue Democrats, complete with psychological counseling and sensitivity training, allowing the former Blue to completely integrate into a Red." - Ron Brock, Newbern, Tenn.

"I, George W. Bush, resolve to help those who said that they would leave the United States if I was elected, to leave. Buh bye!" - J. McCown, Pensacola, Fla.

"I, President Bush, shall look no further then the letters in my name for my 2005 resolutions: B - Build a stronger border; U - United Nations reorganization; S - Social Security reform; H - Hell on earth for all terrorists." - Mark Hoffman, address withheld.

"I, George W. Bush, resolve to sell Michael Moore toilet brushes in the White House gift shop." - Bobby Florentz, La Habra, Calif.

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