From New York to California

Posted: Sep 17, 2003 12:00 AM

If it wasn’t for Townhall, I wouldn’t be writing this letter today—or much of anything, for that matter.  When I heard that Townhall was doing a pledge drive, Jon Garthwaite didn’t even need to ask for my help.  Because Jon gave me my first break— was the first place to run my column—I am forever indebted to Townhall.

  I know I am not alone in my affection for  My column runs in dozens of newspapers across the country, yet I get more feedback from Townhall readers than from all other readers combined.  And Townhall readers provide me with wonderful feedback—the kind of responses that challenge me to think.  I’m not sure what I would do without Townhall.

  Thankfully, we don’t need to contemplate life without Townhall.  Readers have responded to the pledge drive so far—let’s hope the pace holds up—and Jon Garthwaite is a master at running a frugal operation.  Having toured Townhall’s spartan offices—make that office, as they all sit bunched together—I am thoroughly impressed that Townhall has become the premier conservative site on the web, reaching 2 million unique readers each month. 

  Townhall has grown from a very modest start to now being the first stop not just for Washington’s elite, but for people from New York to California, and everywhere in between.  Townhall regularly provides the news that the mainstream media would just as soon ignore, either through its 60+ columnists or its new C-log service.  And with your help, Townhall will be able to spread its message even farther—because every dollar you give is actually used for that specific goal.