Your Opinion Counts: The Incoming GOP Congress

Posted: Nov 12, 2010 12:01 AM

Townhall readers don't seem too enthusiastic about the new GOP House majority. For the past week, they've been bellyaching that the new class of Republicans won’t do much of anything.

In stories and blog posts, has delved into a few issues facing the new Congress, and whether the divisions between tea-party conservatism and the establishment GOP can be reconciled. Most Townhall readers don’t think that type of reconciliation is possible.

For privacy purposes, none of the readers names or locations will be disclosed. Here’s a typical email:

Don't hold your breath. GOPers are a pile of wimps.

I'm 70 years old and have been there before. I hope I'm wrong this time and that the tea bag candidates will have the courage to stand up to the GOP leadership. I have absolutely no faith in Mitch McConnell or Boehner. They are both too deeply entrenched in the system to make changes. I'm really worried that this chance for change will be blown, perhaps I'm wrong.

That anti-establishment sentiment is a common one among readers. A few go as far as offering a few practical solutions:

Then there are some who get a little more comprehensive:

I do believe the conservatives can send a convincing message if they start budget work with a 20% cut in Congressional salaries, staffs and expense accounts. Not big, but personal and convincing that they mean business all around. After that come the important cuts, not caps!

Others offer a few policy solutions:

Already they are talking of repair to Obamacare. Just get the hell out of my healthcare!. They drone on and on about Mitt Romney being a potential candidate for president. Why? He was the one that screwed up MA healthcare. America is over. Come the revolution I want to be the commissar.

That reader couldn’t resist at least one overall exclamation:

Nothing will change— only the person or persons doing the lying.

Criticism has dominated on the comments and emails, but there are a few who hold out for something positive. Don’t jump to condemn someone you don’t know anything about, says one reader:

Shall we let them take office first? Then we can hold them accountable...don't get ahead of yourself.

To be fair, those readers are in the minority. More common are readers who say things like this:

I marvel at the logic of Senator McConnell which allows him to call earmarking a "right" and a "privilege" at the same time. (And, not merely a "right," but a "constitutional right"; you know, like free speech. Really!?) The truth: earmarking is neither a right nor a privilege. It is an abuse. There is no better word to describe public officials who dip into our pockets to pay for their pet projects. When will our leaders finally realize we voters elect (and pay) them to put our interests ahead of theirs?