The New Underground Women's Movement

Posted: Apr 16, 2007 12:01 AM

In March, I had two major speaking engagements, which together showed me the real condition of the women's movement. At the University of Virginia, I debated the state of Women's Studies programs. In Harrisburg, PA, I presented The Smart Sex Workshop to a statewide network of crisis pregnancy center counselors. These contrasting audiences revealed this surprising truth. The self-styled women's advocates housed in Women's Studies are now the Establishment. The new underground, counter-cultural radicals, the really committed advocates for women, are the women of the Pro-Life movement.

At the University of Virginia, I had the curious experience of attacking feminism against opponents who neither defined nor defended feminism. They were not prepared for a serious discussion. The student feminists identified themselves by wearing little pink stickers saying, "This is what a feminist looks like." There were probably 30 self-tagged feminists. Because there was solid phalanx of them, I expected confrontation, or at least some energy. But no. They asked a few lame, almost rote, questions. They had no urgency, no passion, no fire in the belly. They are used to getting what they want without significant opposition. After all, no right-thinking person disagrees with the basic tenants of feminism: 1. Women and men are the same except women are better. 2. Women have been systematically oppressed. 3. Women's Studies compensates for these innumerable and obvious injustices.


Two weeks later, I addressed the Real Alternatives training conference, an audience of abstinence educators and crisis pregnancy counselor from across Pennsylvania. I looked out into the audience of about 100 and saw five men. In an instant, it became real to me that the Pro-life Movement is the New Women's Movement. These are the women out in the community, talking to other women about their hopes and fears for their unborn children. Pro-life women actually walk that nine month walk from conception to birth, with mothers who want to care for their children, but who aren't sure they can.

Abortion advocates never admit that women in crisis face an extremely lopsided "choice." A woman can end her pregnancy at any time. The abortion clinic provides her with an immediate solution to her "problem." She can walk in pregnant, and walk out not pregnant. Abortion counselors, assuming there are any, have no particular incentive to provide for her longer term needs, or to get to know her and her problems.

By contrast, the decision to carry a child to term has to be renewed on a daily basis. Throughout the pregnancy, the mother may have moments of fear or fatigue or indecision. Her boyfriend or her mother may be working on her to abort. If her conviction wavers, for even a single afternoon, she can get an abortion. Her child will be gone forever.

That is why workers in a crisis pregnancy center must have a whole different level of commitment than those in an abortion clinic. Pro-life counselors know perfectly well the client has a "choice," other than returning to their center, so they have to make their services appealing. Pro-life counselors get to know the woman, her life, her problems, sometimes even her boyfriend or her mother. They help clients with housing, medical care, jobs, transportation and child care. The Real Alternatives program in Pennsylvania for instance, has a mandate to assist the woman for a year after her baby is born.

The modern feminist movement is a Marxist knock-off, committed to transforming class warfare into gender warfare. Under the guise of equalizing income for men and women, the feminist movement made in-roads into the power structures of America, inroads that would have been impossible any other way. Since babies account for so much of the gender difference in earnings, Girl Marxists need to neutralize the impact of babies: hence their commitment to all abortions, all the time.

The struggle feminism created is not now, nor has it ever been, solely between women and men. The struggle is between women who want their babies, and women who want something else more. The conflict is between women who value marriage, and Marxists who see marriage as another manifestation of class warfare.

Don't be fooled by the rhetoric of the Feminist Establishment. You'll never hear this from the Main Stream Media, but pro-life women are the real champions of the most vulnerable women's interests. The Pro-life Movement is the New Women's Movement.