How Unions Will Cause the Collapse of the Economy

Posted: Sep 07, 2012 12:01 AM

Teachers Unions keep education stuck in the mud. Our education system is messed up, and has become overly bureaucratic. Often times when people look at donating to charities, they want to see that over 90% of their money flows to the people dependent on the charity. In the case of government spending, little of any marginal spending increase goes to the kids.

Advancements in technology are reforming the ways we can educate our kids. But, it will take less labor to perform the same function better. Alas, that is not the role of the union. They stop innovation and keep us stuck in systems that were developed in the 1800's.

Public employee unions promote big government and cronyism. They have an economic incentive to make government bigger. Their pensions are bleeding taxpayers dry at every level of government; federal, state, county, township, and city.

The Democratic Party is the party of unions. Years ago, they used to be the party of Madisonian and Jeffersonian ideas of classical liberalism. That’s actually really cool-but they are far from that now.

The Republicans are closer to the party of Jefferson than the Democrats.

Neither party is a classically liberal party. But, with more effort on the Republican side, I think we can get them to become “Republitarian”.

(word coined by John Tillman of the Illinois Policy Institute)