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John Kass wrote a great piece in the Chicago Tribune today about a retiring FBI agent.

Chicago is a totally corrupt place when it comes to politics. No politician from either party is above corruption. Taxpayers pay for it because when a private business supplies the city with a good or service there are so many kickbacks that they have to charge a significantly higher price to cover the “costs”. But, Chicago is a great city to live in. This quote from the article sums it up best.


“Chicago is such a great place, such a great city in spite of the corruption,” Grant said. “But the way it’s done in Chicago, the Chicago Way, is offensive and illegal. And after all these years doing these prosecutions, behavior hasn’t modified significantly and won’t change, until people start holding public officials to a much higher standard. There are aldermen who have networks of relationships, real estate firms, law firms, service firms, and you can’t get a permit passed unless you do business with those entities connected to the family.”

He knows that the brightest crooks are the hardest to catch. They don’t hold out a sign that says “Put Cash in My Hand.” The boss doesn’t have to take out an ad saying, “These are my friends.” But if a business avails itself of such services, magical things happen in Illinois government.

When you decide to vote for Obama, you in fact are voting for Chicago corruption. Obama is a product of, and a master of Chicago machine politics. His closest advisors are all Chicago guys. They are feverishly installing a Chicago machine mechanism nationwide in the US because if you think there is a lot of money in pulling the levers of local, county and state government, wait until you see what they can do with Federal government.


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