I Don’t Get It Why the Democrat Senate Can't Pass a Budget

Posted: Mar 18, 2012 12:01 AM

Our deficit is spinning out of control, and the Democratic Senate can’t pass a budget. I don’t get it.
With our deficit rising spectacularly over the Obama term, Obama proposes increasing spending to cut spending, obviously, I don’t get it.

Can’t we just cut the budget? It seems simple to me. Here are some other things I don’t get.

All this hub bub about returning to the dark ages, and taking rights away. I don’t get it. In my mind, the frame of reference for the debate about contraception and abortion purely hinges on the government’s responsibility. Should government be paying for an organization like Planned Parenthood? Or, should Planned Parenthood exist purely as a charitable organization? If Anjelica Houston et al feel so strongly about Planned Parenthood-they could donate money to support its operations. Why is government in my bedroom anyway? I don’t get it.

ACORN is another government supported organization. Supposedly if we do away with it, no one will be able to find a home. Really? I don’t get it. Why should the government be in the housing business? It’s not just ACORN and other government supported entities like it I don’t get, but I also don’t get why government is supporting things like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Government should be in the governing business, not the housing business. I don’t get it.

Oil companies get some pretty nice subsidies from government. I don’t get it. Isn’t there enough economic incentive to drill for oil already? Why are we giving subsidies to oil companies? Additionally, the government controls who can drill when and where. The government controls the permit programs and sets the rules and regulations. I don’t get that either. Maybe if we revamped the government controls we could get rid of all the subsidies and energy prices would drop. For years every President has talked a good game about energy, but none have done anything realistic about it. I just remember President Clinton saying we shouldn’t drill in ANWR because we won’t get anything for ten years out of it. Hey, that was over ten years ago. We’d be getting something today. I don’t get it.

I don’t get all the subsidies that farmers receive. Why are we subsidizing production? Especially now, since mostly big corporations are farming the land. I don’t have a view on that at all, except farming has gotten tremendously efficient and like a lot of industries in America, it’s hard for the family farmer to compete. We shouldn’t subsidize either. The family farmer can read the marketplace just like the corporate farmer. They can change their farming output to match niches the corporates can’t go after-as long as government regulators stay off their back. We are subsidizing ethanol (see energy policy above), and subsidizing virtually every commodity produced. Why not end it and let the market dictate price and supply accordingly? I don’t get it.

Why are American car manufacturers getting bailed out? Remember Cash for Clunkers? I don’t get programs like that. Hey, the government even picked which car dealers would stay in business and which would go dark. Bond holders for car companies were crushed down in an unprecedented skirting of bankruptcy law. They are wasting tax dollars on stupid, economically inefficient projects that simply curry favor with voters. American car guys ought to live and die on their own business decisions. If they make good ones, they survive and thrive. Bad ones, go out of business. No one was crying when Nash and Packard went under. Why are we sweating over GM and Chrysler? What is this, Russia? I don’t get it.

I don’t get subsidies to buy cars like the Chevy Volt. It goes 30 miles on a single charge. Big whup. If I lived in the suburbs I could drive 30 miles doing errands and dropping kids off. The Volt should have been painted yellow and called The Lemon. I also don’t get CAFE standards which cause Detroit to produce cars we don’t want. If gas mileage is important to Americans (and I think it is), won’t car makers have an economic incentive to produce high mileage cars? More waste of tax payer dollars on stupid stuff. I don’t get it.

Government pensions. I don’t get them. I think they ought to receive a really good pension, and get paid nicely for the service they perform. But instead of defined benefit, couldn’t they be defined contribution just like everyone else? That would save us trillions. I don’t get it.