Facebook and Twitter and Instagram

Posted: Feb 05, 2012 12:01 AM

Just a quick anecdotal thought. The more I speak with younger people, and I am talking people under the age of 30, the more I am hearing that they are using Facebook($FB) less and less. They are using Twitter and Instagram. Some are on Foursquare, but they tire of that too.

Those kinds of social networks are the cannibalization of the Facebook wall. Twitter is the status update. Now you can link your tweets to your Facebook status update. However, tweet too much and your Facebook becomes annoying. Your twitter feed doesn’t because that’s what Twitter is, a constantly moving river of information.

Instagram is uploading photos that used to go into your Facebook library, but now just go to Instagram. You can still share them on Facebook, but this is a dedicated place for social photography.

I find that interesting as Facebook moves forward with their IPO. They have some big challenges ahead for them. Number one, monetizing their network. Number two, doing it in a non obtrusive way. Three, staying current and ahead of the game. Other networks are splintering their wall and fragmenting eyeballs.

It’s not a trend yet, simply idle anecdotes. Without good data, one doesn’t really know. If you read advice somewhere to avoid buying the Facebook IPO and waiting for the dust to settle, I think that’s good advice to heed.

The Forgotten Man 

I agree that it’s not just Obama that has been out of line in interpreting what the Founders intended. Bush wasn’t exactly a spendthrift that believed in limited government. Neither was Nixon, Clinton, Carter, Johnson, either Roosevelt, Wilson, and so it goes.

We didn’t get to where we are today from 0. But, Obama and the Democrats sure did accelerate it since 2008.

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