The Media is The One Percent

Posted: Dec 21, 2011 12:01 AM

The recent meme in the media is that Boehner can’t control his members. The people elected in 2010 are extreme.

That’s false.

The media that you hear on TV are part of the 1%. They are upset at all the new media, the new ways to get information. They can’t control the story anymore.

2010 was a watershed election not because of the Republican domination. It was the specific kind of Republican domination. For once, they weren’t elected over social issues. They were elected on fiscal conservatism.

People like Paul Ryan are in the forefront, and they aren’t talking abortion or social issues. They are talking about net present value tables and unsustainable spending. They point out the multiplier effect of government spending is 0, and all this stimulus hasn’t done a thing. People on the street don’t have to believe it, they are living it.

The new Republicans I have met are for shrinking the size and scope of government. To be honest, John Boehner is for that too-but he doesn’t have all the horses in place yet to make that happen. In November of 2012, we will see if he gets more mounts at the post. Especially in the Senate.

American people are sick of crony capitalism that comes from both sides of the aisle. They are sick of deficits, and empty promises. There was hope with Obama, but he turned out to be just another slick salesman in an empty suit. This is why Ron Paul has remained strong in some voters minds, even though his foreign policy ideas are crackpot.

What happens in 2012 if the Tea Party adds to its gains? My guess is that it will be the beginning of a new age of prosperity. Government will finally meet its comeuppance in the form of the voter. We are seeing it in state after state-even in traditional Democratic strongholds like Wisconsin.

It’s not that Boehner can’t control his members. He just doesn’t have enough allies in the Senate and the House to really accomplish what needs to be done.