Jason Meister

Jason Meister
We Need to Start Asking the Right Questions
By Jason Meister
Investigations begin with questions, not answers. It’s time we start asking the questions that will lead us to the truth ...
December 10, 2020
Gun Rights Are the Most Under Appreciated Issue of This Election
By Jason Meister
With everyone from newspapers and commentators to campaign surrogates and the candidates themselves vying for our attention, it’s impossible to ...
October 30, 2020
In DNC Acceptance Speech, Biden Paints Unrecognizable Picture of Trump’s America
By Jason Meister
The fact that Joe Biden was able to hold himself together long enough to give a halfway coherent speech doesn’t ...
August 24, 2020
The Anti-Trump Coup Plotters Aren’t Even Being Subtle
By Jason Meister
It’s hard to believe that anyone could actually take the Democrat-led impeachment inquiry seriously, given how transparent its architects have ...
November 15, 2019
President Trump Has Rescued The Federal Workers
By Jason Meister
For the last four weeks, the Democrats held furloughed federal workers hostage to their political agenda. On Friday, President Trump ...
January 25, 2019
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