NOW Embraces Hillary. Will she hug Back?

Posted: Mar 29, 2007 2:15 PM
NOW Embraces Hillary. Will she hug Back?

The Legacy Media are touting the endorsement of Hillary Rodham Clinton's presidential bid by the political arm of the National Organization for Women (NOW). Hillary should have thought twice before accepting NOW’s endorsement. NOW began in 1966 when Betty Friedan claimed to speak for all American women. The women's group has come a long way since those times –– a long way, the wrong way. After 40 years, a whole new generation of women is questioning the feminist myths that have produced so much devastation for America’s families in general and most especially for the children.

A CBS poll revealed that three out of four women described the word feminist as an insult. Another study found that the number of working women who believe that a career is as important as being a wife and mother has fallen 23% since the 1970s.

What has caused such a dramatic change in women's attitudes?

The feminist movement began to unravel the more it promoted the idea that inhibiting one's sexual desires, in any fashion, is a bad thing. Then, feminism took increasingly more radical positions that took the movement even further out of the mainstream: men and women are completely interchangeable, women don't need men, all family arrangements work equally well for rearing children. Hillary is convinced that the "woman's vote" will be her secret weapon for victory; she is forgetting that mainstream women don’t identify with feminism or with the issues pushed by feminists.

Problems with Issues:

Abortion-on-Demand: Since one of the central aspects of women's liberation is so-called "free love" –– sexual activity that is unconstrained and without consequences –– the feminists declared that abortion-on-demand is a basic human right and they made abortion-on-demand an essential and sacred element of their life's creed. The abortion activists defend the 45 million murders of unborn lives by abortionists –– at every turn and in every arena.

Federally Mandated Day Care: Feminists demand that childcare arrangements be federally funded so that the rearing of children can be turned over to childcare providers and thus not interfere with a woman's career aspirations. The data clearly indicate that there are elevated risks to babies and children who are in day care too much –– generally conceded to be over 20 hours a week. These data have consistently been suppressed, buried and un-reported –– or unfairly attacked and distorted. In fact, the suppression of the overwhelming evidence about the attachment, behavioral, emotional and health risks associated with the overuse of day care amounts to statutory child abuse, but such is the power of the feminist special interests that they can keep that information from widespread dissemination. Feminists are at the forefront of those who are trying to convince the world that "father and mother" are just words –– that all a child needs are both male and female influences and that any man and woman can provide a child's nurturing and guidance needs.

Sexual Orientation Special Agenda: Feminists are determined to mainstream lesbian and gay, bisexual, and even transgendered lifestyles. One of the women's movement biographers attributed Betty Friedan's downfall as the "mother of feminism" to her refusal to embrace homosexuality. Some of the movement leaders privately accused Friedan of only dealing with "symptoms" and that only "those willing to explore the significance of 'women loving women' would come to grips with the underlying causes of women's oppression."

Anti-Masculinity: Feminists currently argue the importance of the role of men and boys in achieving gender equity. There is considerable emphasis on teaching young boys to be more "sensitive" and less "aggressive." Characteristics that are stereotypically "male" are clearly undesirable and consistently are portrayed in a negative light.

Problems with Feminist Icons. Hillary should also remember that the women behind feminist ideas had disastrous personal lives; few of today's young women want to end up with personal lives like Hillary's or any of the other feminist leaders.

Betty Friedan: Friedan, the mother of the feminist movement, gave us The Feminine Mystique –– and the "problem that has no name." That problem –– according to Friedan –– is that women are victims. Being female means having delusions and false values and being forced to find fulfillment and identity through husbands and children. Friedan worked nine hours a day –– declaring that being a wife and mother was "not going to interfere with what I regarded as my real life." Not surprisingly, Friedan’s three children had to undergo therapy to deal with what was called "the emotional fallout."

Gloria Steinem: Steinem was the beauty queen of the feminist movement. Steinem, a Phi Beta Kappa graduate, was engaged to her college boyfriend. After breaking up with him and discovering that she was pregnant, she had an abortion. Later, Steinem founded Ms. Magazine and coined two phrases ––"reproductive freedom" and "pro-choice" –– bringing a brilliant sense of marketing to a movement that glossed over the realities of promiscuity and abortion and propelled so-called "sexual freedom" into the mainstream. Steinem famously declared that a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle. She remained single until her 60s –– when she married a divorced man with grown children.

Germaine Greer: Known as the diva of feminism, Germaine Greer is, like Gloria Steinem, now in her 60s. Greer has two books: The Female Eunuch, which kick-started her fame and The Whole Woman, which basically repudiated everything Greer had said previously. Known for her bawdy diatribes, Greer preached that sexual liberation is the path to fulfillment. Greer has had "several" abortions –– leaving her unable to have children. She has stooped to get attention by being an apologist for female genital mutilation. She was married briefly (for three weeks) during which time, she brags, she cheated on her husband seven times. But at age 60, she mused: "The finest time in your life was when you fell asleep in someone's arms and woke up in the same position eight hours later. Sleeping in someone's arms is the prize." Inevitably, she sleeps alone.

Andrea Dworkin and Katherine McKinnon: These women made the ridiculous assertion that "marital sexual relations are a form of rape." Some feminists considered this bold leadership. What a hideous idea –– to distort the God given capacity of a man and woman to love each other and produce new life by describing it as rape.

The list could go on to include disparate feminist personalities like Patricia Ireland, as well as Alice and Rebecca Walker. Hillary herself coined the phrase that "women’s rights are human rights," a phrase that enabled the radical feminist agenda to pose as "human rights." The former first lady was the power behind implementing the Beijing Platform for Action –– a U.N. document from the 1995 world women's conference that sought to "mainstream gender equity" by forcing quotas as essential to so-called "gender" rights.

Ironically, Betty Friedan realized that history and truth had passed the feminists by; she ended up taking back many of her words. The feminist vision has failed, yet the truth about the equality of all human beings has flourished. Witness the resurgence of conservative values among young women and the reductions in promiscuous sexual activity by teens documented by the CDC in the last 15 years. Gabrielle Molnar, Young Businesswoman of the Year in 2003, explained that she didn't want to be called a feminist "because feminism doesn’t support the cause of women."