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Why the MSM Doesn't Want To Do the Romney Math

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Mitt Romney’s nomination as the GOP standard bearer in the fall is as inevitable as Barack Obama’s renomination.

Meteors could hit either man, but it will be a Romney-Obama race in the fall, and the map favors Romney now, as do some national polls.

The election will come down to a dozen or so states: Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico.

If gas prices continue to rise, the map of Romney’s opportunities to turn 2008 blue states to 2012 red states could grow to include Michigan and New Jersey, perhaps Washington and Oregon, and possibly, in a very good year, Minnesota, but the core 12 states are what will matter in the fall.

Which is why Obama-fans in the MSM don’t want to declare the obvious and recognize Romney as the GOP nominee. The sooner the shouting is over on the GOP side, the sooner Team Romney turns its full attention to building the campaign in the key states.

Thus does the Chicago gang struggle to keep alive the myth that Romney might not be the nominee, and thus do the Obama-enablers in the Manhattan-Beltway media elite work overtime to argue that a “brokered convention” could happen.

You won’t find any serious analysis of how that comes about, any walk through the states with primaries or caucuses remaining with a projected vote in each of them and a delegate division that would follow which ends up with a Santorum nomination or even with Romney not getting to 1144.

It isn’t possible when you get down to specifics, so no specifics are offered. The MSM knows this and resists doing the math as a result.

Don’t blame Rick Santorum for staying in the hunt, because meteors do sometimes hit earth, and as we all know Yellowstone is long overdue for its big blow.

Plus the former Pennsylvania senator is using his time in the media spotlight to argue for the same issues and ideas he has long defended and to which he remains deeply committed, including the rights of the unborn and of the people of Iran. Every day that Rick Santorum stays visible in the MSM is a good day for the cause of life in America and freedom abroad.

But we should be clear-eyed about what the MSM is doing: Protecting President Obama from having to respond to his challenger, and preventing that challenger from devoting all of his resources to the battleground states.

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