The truth is alien to the left

Posted: May 23, 2006 4:05 PM
The ignorance strategy apparently worked so well last year to stifle any attempt to restructure the Social Security system that liberals – from both political parties – have extended this game plan to other issues. In George Orwell’s 1984, Big Brother constantly reminded the citizens that “ignorance is strength” to diminish the public’s desire to know the truth. Adherence to this principle kept the government in control and the citizens in the dark. Liberals now employ the ignorance strategy to distort the truth and deceive the public on all manner of issues, including the global war on terrorism, the economy and tax policy, border security and illegal aliens.

In 2005, liberals used the ignorance strategy to deny the fact that the Social Security system is near fiscal insolvency, despite numerous reports to the contrary conducted during past and present presidential administrations. Liberals continue to deny the crisis, and now claim Republicans manufactured a crisis where one doesn’t really exist. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) even said, “Social Security remains sound for decades to come.” The new liberal math evidently rounds up – a lot. The Social Security Trustees recently reported that in 2017 the program begins to pay out more in benefits than it receives in payroll taxes. Senator Reid, that is 11 years from now, not decades.

Recent polls indicate that the portion of the global war on terror waged in Iraq remains one of the most important issues to the American public. The ignorance strategy, though, has caused many to believe that our efforts in Iraq and elsewhere are somehow separate, and that to date the war has failed to produce successful outcomes.

In truth, the war on terror is a global mission, whether it is waged in Manhattan, London, Afghanistan or Fallujah. Liberals and many major media sources have succeeded in separating our efforts in Iraq from the war waged in other nations. A May 15 ABC News/Washington Post poll found that only 32 percent approve “of the way Bush is handling the situation in Iraq.” A May 16 CBS News poll, however, found that 46 percent approve “of the way George W. Bush is handling the campaign against terrorism.” These poll results reflect a general lack of knowledge in the public about the successes produced by our troops’ presence in Iraq.

In 2004, Iraqis regained control of their country. In 2005, Iraqi men and women voted on a constitutional referendum and voted to form a government under that constitution. On May 13, 2006, Iraq’s new government was inaugurated. Most important, there have been no successful terrorist attacks on U.S. soil since September 11, 2001. President Bush did not start this war to pipe pilfered oil from Baghdad to Crawford. He ordered retaliation against a worldwide Islamic terrorist network hell-bent on destroying Western civilization.

Our national economy is booming, primarily due to the 2003 rate cuts in income, dividend and capital gains taxes. Unemployment is at 4.7 percent, over 2 million jobs were created in 2005, we are on pace to create another 2 million new jobs in 2006 and GDP has grown for 18 straight quarters. The $315 billion in tax receipts sent in April 2006 to the Treasury Department were the second-highest one-month total in history.

Yet, liberals remain undaunted in spreading ignorance about the factors that contribute to economic growth. The Senate recently voted to extend the current rates on capital gains and dividends taxes, while raising the exemption limits on the Alternative Minimum Tax. Following the vote liberal Senator Olympia Snowe (R-ME), who voted against the extension, stated, “At a time when average-income Americans are really feeling the burden of high energy prices [and are unable] to purchase affordable health insurance, this is not the time to be widening the income gap in America.” Senator Snowe, the biggest contributor to any income gap is unemployment. The strong and stable economy is what keeps people working.

Senator Snowe failed to explain how taking someone’s money enables them to pay the energy bill and purchase health insurance. This is the same logic that produces whoppers such as “We can’t afford this tax cut,” “This tax cut will explode the deficit,” and “Tax cuts only help the rich.” Liberal class warfare is nothing more than a rhetorical diversion meant to get people to hate someone else because they may have a larger bank account. We should have declared liberalism a “hate crime” long ago.

Politicians from both sides of the aisle are employing the ignorance strategy on the illegal alien issue, but so far their efforts have not been able to fool the public. In a March 16 Zogby poll, 84 percent said English should be the official language of government operations, yet last week Senator Reid called that proposal “racist.” In a May 15 ABC News/Washington Post poll, 74 percent supported sending National Guard troops to the border, and 77 percent said the country is not doing enough to keep illegal aliens out of the country. Yet, the president and Congress are still timid about enforcing laws already on the books against illegal aliens and their employers.

Regardless of party affiliation, big government liberals obviously aspire to be the “Big Brother of Ignorance” toward the public. They truly do believe what they are saying, and that truly is ignorant.